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Omeo Region
High in Victoria’s alpine country, Omeo is the gateway to Victoria's ski slopes and the service centre for the region.

The region is sustained by a mix of farming, tourism, timber and, to a smaller degree, mining.

Omeo Region comprises of the following localities: Omeo, Swifts Creek, Benambra, Nariel Valley, Ensay, Ensay North, Brookville, Cassilis, Doctors Flat, Hinnomunjie, Livingstone Valley, Omeo Valley, Reedy Flat, Glen Valley, Cobungra, Shannonvale, Nelse, Stirling, Tambo Crossing, Tongio, Tom Groggin, Wentworth, Anglers Rest, Bindi, Nunniong, Marthavale, Uplands, Dartmouth, Cobberas, Bundara, Bingo Munjie, The Sisters and The Brothers.

Omeo has a fascinating pastoral and mining heritage and has several landmarks that reflect its gold-mining history, including the Oriental Claims, Log Gaol and historic courthouse. It is renowned for its natural beauty and the iconic High Country Cattlemen who cleared and developed the area in the early days.

Livingstone Park Management Plan

The feedback has been incorporated into the Livingstone Park Management Plan was adopted by Council in 2018 following community and stakeholder consultation.

Platypus conservation in Livingstone Park

Council, together with the Omeo Region Business and Tourism Association, will shortly commence works on a small platypus conservation project in Livingstone Park. The project has a focus on protecting the platypus habitat along Livingstone Creek upstream of the swimming pool. The first work that will occur is the placement of large rocks to prevent vehicles driving and parking too close to the water.

Omeo Courthouse Restoration Project

This project will ensure the Old and New Courthouses are structurally stabilised, heritage fabric conserved, and weather protected. Council received a $200,000 grant from Heritage Victoria (Living Heritage Grants Program) and will also contribute $170,000 for this project.

The restoration will address risks to the Old Court House (1859-60), arguably the most significant building in East Gippsland, and the New Court House (1893). Works on both courthouses have recently been approved under the Heritage Act.

Omeo Zoning Review

The Omeo Zoning Review provides recommendations for changes to zoning in Omeo. The review has not yet been endorsed by Council and is subject to change.

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