Droving, fencing, impounded stock (cattle, horses, goats, sheep and others), stock crossings, livestock on roads, roadside grazing.

Livestock on roads

Livestock on roads presents a high risk to the public, so livestock owners need to be vigilant when grazing or moving stock on or along the roadside.

Council Permits are required for Roadside Grazing of Stock, but not for Temporary or Permanent Stock Crossings, or Droving.

Grazing of stock

You must obtain a permit from Council to graze livestock on a road or on Council land by completing a Livestock Grazing Application Form.

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Stock Crossings

Temporary stock crossings

A temporary stock crossing site is one that is used less than 52 times a year. These generally relate to the movement of livestock between farming enterprises/paddocks.

Permanent stock crossings

A site used 52 times or more in a 12 month period is considered to be a permanent crossing. Generally permanent stock crossing sites relate to dairy cattle, where it is necessary for farmers to move stock on a regular basis.

Droving of Stock - signs and lights

Droving of stock

Droving of livestock refers to movement of stock along a public road, from outside or within the municipality to a destination either outside or within the municipality.


Stock on road requires signs to be erected according to VicRoads requirements. This may include "CROSSING AHEAD" (advisory sign)or "GIVE WAY TO STOCK" and "STOP" (regulatory signs). See VicRoads for more details.


Amber flashing hazard lights may be used on stock crossing sites to improve or enhance early warning systems for traffic safety.

In areas where cattle cross the road at night, floodlighting and  illumination of advance warning signs is required. The installation of signs and lights, and their specific location are based on VicRoads guidelines and may require a site inspection.


The owner or occupier of property where land is used for livestock must ensure that there is adequate fencing and gates to prevent livestock from straying onto roads, reserves or adjoining property. There is also an obligation to ensure that all fencing is maintained and kept in a serviceable condition.

Impounded Stock

Impounded stock are held at Council's Animal Shelter.

Animal Shelter

Volunteers from Victorian Animal Aid manage the Animal Shelter on behalf of Council, located at 40 Giles Street Bairnsdale.

Opening Hours:

Monday - Friday - 11:00 am to 3.00pm

Weekends and Public Holidays- 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

40 Giles Street, Bairnsdale

Telephone: (03) 5152 1389

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