Food Businesses and Stalls
Food Businesses and Stalls
East Gippland Shire Council is responsible for registrations, complaint investigation, inspections and food sampling relating to food businesses and food stalls.

Under the Food Act 1984, businesses operating in Victoria that sell food to the public must register with their local council.

Environmental Health Officers must ensure that all new food establishments are registered under the Food Act 1984 and are constructed to comply with the required standards.

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Starting a new food business

If you are wanting to start a new food business, please follow the steps below:

Step 1. Contact Council's Building and Planning departments to determine if any permits are required

Step 2. Arrange an onsite visit with an Environmental Health Officer to discuss the fit-out requirements. It is recommended that prior to undertaking any works at a proposed food premises or at an existing food premises, you submit a copy of your floor plans for assessment. We recommend that you not begin any works on your new food premises before receiving your approved plans

Step 3. Submit an application to register a food premises

Step 4. Contact officers for progress and final inspections

The following documents may be helpful in starting your new food business.

Buying an existing food business

When buying a food business, take the following steps.

Step 1. Contact Council's Environmental Health unit regarding your intentions to buy the business.

Step 2. Complete a Request an Inspection and Information on a Registered Premises which will give you the details of any outstanding Food Act requirements on the business.

Step 3. Apply to Register a Food Premises seven days before settlement.

Temporary and mobile food businesses

If you want to start a temporary or mobile food businesses in Victoria, you must apply for Food Act registration through FoodTrader.

FoodTrader is a state-wide single online system that allows you to:

  • Apply for registration with your local council
  • Lodge notification and statement of trade documents with Council
  • Manage your registration.

The following documents may also help you with mobile food businesses and market stalls:

Food complaints

Make a Food Complaint

Our Environmental Health Officers investigate most food complaints, including alleged food poisoning, poor food handling or cleanliness, foreign objects found in food and incorrect labelling.

Council does not investigate poor customer service or food complaints from butchers, poultry and seafood retailers. These should be referred to PrimeSafe on (03) 9685 7333 or

When you lodge a complaint with Council, we will need your details in case we have further questions. Your details will remain confidential.

If you have concerns or would like to lodge a complaint about relating to a food premises please contact Council's Environmental Health Team on 5153 9500 or

Food poisoning

It can take up to 72 hours from when you ate or drank contaminated food or drink before you have symptoms. We may ask you, therefore, for a three-day food history and a list of all the foods and drinks that you had before your symptoms started.

Any leftover food that you suspect may have been the cause of poisoning may help our investigation. Wrap any leftover food and store it in your fridge.

Foreign objects

If you find a foreign object in a food product do not remove it.

Keep the product intact and store it according to the product instructions. This may be in the fridge or sealed in a plastic container.

Food allergens and labelling

If you notice incorrect or incomplete food labelling, such as the failure to include the presence of food allergens please notify Council's Environmental Health Team.

Unregistered food businesses

In Victoria, food premises such as supermarkets, fast-food outlets, cafés, restaurants, food trucks and food stalls, are required under the Food Act 1984 to be registered and inspected by Council .

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