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Economic Development
building & development
Economic Development
Learn about East Gippsland's economic profile and services for the business sector.
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East Gippsland provides an ideal place to mix business opportunity with quality of life.

Rich in natural resources and brimming with economic potential.

The region is home to some of Australia's leading brands and largest businesses, attracted by an abundance of primary produce and natural resources coupled with good transport and logistics, ample water, good physical and telecommunications infrastructure, and affordable and plentiful land supply.

The region is ideally situated between Australia’s two major commercial hubs and ports in Melbourne and Sydney with a world-class road network offering easy access to both.

You can contact the Economic Development team via email for more information.

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Economic and industry profile

With eight main towns and a diverse range of industries, East Gippsland has a solid demand for skilled employees across a wide range of industries and offers excellent opportunities for trade-qualified and professional people.

The food production sector is of vital importance to East Gippsland with food manufacturing and production fundamental drivers of the regional economy.

The commodities of this sector include fruit and vegetable crops, livestock (meat and products), bakery products, seafood, beverage and food support services.

Lakes Entrance is the home of one of Australia's largest fishing fleets, while Mallacoota is the base of a significant abalone industry. Catches are supplued to markets in Melbourne and Sydney.

East Gippsland's economic profile

Home to 47,316 people, East Gippsland supports 16,539 jobs and has an annual economic output of $4.948 billion.

More statistics on the region's industry and employment can be found on our Economic Profile site.

Here you can find details on the region's economy, including:

  • household disposable income
  • employment by sector
  • productivity
  • population and demographics
  • economic indicators
  • labour force statistics
  • gross regional product by industry

Tourism Industry

Tourism visitor economy data and research:

Future tourism developments in East Gippsland: 

Industry newsletters for tourism businesses:

  • Destination Gippsland - subscribe here to receive monthly tourism industry
  • East Gippsland Marketing - subscribe here to receive monthly industry updates
  • East Gippsland Business Connect - subscribe here to receive business support

East Gippsland Visitor Services Membership Program 

East Gippsland Visitor Services play a vital role in looking after visitors before, during and even after their visit. Being a member of  Visitor Services gives businesses the opportunity to be at the forefront of our destination activities. The membership offers a wide network of tourism opportunities, support and helps market our magnificent region.

2022 East Gippsland Visitor Services Membership Prospectus

Live, Work, Invest in East Gippsland

East Gippsland provides an ideal place to mix business opportunity with quality of life.

The region is blessed with a Mediterranean-like climate – warm summers and mild winters – and stable annual rainfall averaging 600mm-900mm, which allows our agriculture and horticulture industries to thrive.

And when you’re not busy building your business, head outdoors to enjoy the renowned local environment, including pristine lakes and rivers, snow-capped mountains and far-reaching coastal wilderness.

Some of Australia's leading brands and businesses operate from East Gippsland including:

  • the world’s largest pie manufacturer, Patties Foods, which began as a Lakes Entrance cake shop in 1966
  • Australia’s largest trawling fishing fleet
  • Australia's largest fresh cut horticulture business, One Harvest Vegco.

Innovation is also strong in East Gippsland, with a range of businesses and consultants basing themselves in the region while using communications technology to service their customers around the world.

To find out more about living, working and investing in East Gippsland, head to our Live, Work, Invest East Gippsland website.

Business Connect newsletter

We produce a regular e-newsletter to share the latest business-related news in East Gippsland, including:

  • grant opportunities
  • major projects
  • new investment
  • workshops and training
  • business tips

Read past editions of Business Connect

You can fill in your details to subscribe and the newsletter will be sent to your inbox. You can unsubscribe at any time.

Startup Gippsland - for people who want to start or grow their business

Startup Gippsland is a regional initiative that aims to ignite the region’s startup ecosystem.

Recognising the significant business growth and job opportunities that this culture could bring to regional areas, LaunchVIC, the Victorian Government’s startup agency, funded a select number of regional startup programs in 2018, including Startup Gippsland.

Startup Gippsland has 3 programs to support startups at different life stages:

  • An Incubator Program for early-stage startups to focus, validate and grow their business or idea.
  • An Accelerator Program for later-stage startups to prepare their business for scale and international expansion.
  • An Open Program of one-off events for startups at all stages to learn business fundamentals like business modelling, pitching and exporting.

For more information and details on applying for the above programs, visit the Startup Gippsland website.

Food and agriculture

East Gippsland is a source of high value healthy foods which through collaboration, innovation, sustainable practices, effective marketing and distribution to local, national and global markets, will strengthen the region’s economic development and social wellbeing.

East Gippsland has an incredible abundance of fresh local produce which are all grown in this diverse produce growing region:

  • fruit and vegetables,
  • beef and lamb
  • seafood
  • milk and cream
  • eggs
  • nuts

With its fertile soils, good rainfall and temperate climate, East Gippsland is a food bowl, producing fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.

The region is also renowned for its quality beef and excellent seafood.

Having a plentiful supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, the region also produces quality wines, beer, olives and olive oil, chocolate, beef and condiments.

Drought Assistance

Council can help you access information; help determine eligibility and provide details on which agency can answer questions related to your circumstances. For more information visit our drought assistant page.

East Gippsland Event Growth Action Plan 2021-2026

The East Gippsland Event Growth Action Plan 2021-2026 outlines how East Gippsland can increase the economic, social and environmental benefits from events.  

For the past 11 years, Council has maintained support for the development of events which provide an economic boost to East Gippsland through the Regional and District Events Sponsorship program (RADES).  

With an increasingly competitive environment for event procurement and rising expectations regarding event delivery and visitor experience, a review of Council’s approach to growing East Gippsland’s event portfolio was required. 

The East Gippsland Event Growth Action Plan 2021-2026 takes a fresh approach to growing and strengthening existing signature events and leveraging the existing event-procurement budget to ensure better value of Council’s investment in this area. Council adopted the plan in October 2021.

Find out more at East Gippsland Event Growth Action Plan 2021-26.

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