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Energy Use and Savings
environment & waste
Energy Use and Savings
Ways to reduce your energy bills, tips and more.

Learn ways to reduce your electricity bills from Sustainability Victoria or the Victorian Energy Saver program.

Quick Tips

  • Save money on the installation of energy-efficient products, reduce your energy bill and help the environment by getting involved in the Victorian Energy Upgrades
  • Shade windows externally in summer
  • Insulate - ceiling, underfloor and walls
  • Ventilate in summer - use cross flow ventilation from windows and turn on fans before air-conditioning
  • Draft proof for winter - use heavy curtains and pelmets, and block drafts under doors
  • Use energy star ratings for heaters/air conditioners/appliances - some are more efficient and ask about standby power
  • Set your thermostat to between 24-26 degrees in summer and 18-20 degrees in winter - every degree either way adds 10% more energy
  • Lighting upgrade - ask your electrician for VEEC discounts
  • Switch retailers to get a better rate
  • Borrow a Powermate lite from your library

At Home

Download the Smart Living Guide for East Gippsland residents.

Building Resilience

The Building Resilience booklet has been developed for East Gippsland homeowners, businesses and residents. It summarises the existing large volume of information into the most relevant risks and actions that can be undertaken.

At Work

There are many opportunities for small and medium businesses to become more energy efficient. Many business tenants are moving into or asking for green buildings.

Improved comfort conditions from more natural light and ventilation, greater thermal control and unwanted noise reduction, leads to better staff productivity.

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Solar Homes (rebates for solar, hot water, batteries, getting off gas etc)

Solar Homes Rebate Program

Homeowners and now renters may be eligible to install a solar panel system and get a significant reduction via a rebate.

The Victorian Government program called Solar Homes, is now providing the following significant rebates:

  • Solar panel rebate
  • Solar hot water rebate
  • Solar battery rebate
  • Solar panels for renters

There are also a four year zero interest loan if the upfront cost is unaffordable. Make sure to do your homework and be wary of scams. Contact Solar Homes www.solar.vic.gov.au for more information.

Live Solar Monitoring

Facility Name Solar system size kWp $ predicted savings per year Tonnes CO2-e avoided per year
Council Managed Facilities
Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre 15 $3,687 21
Mallacoota Service Centre and Booking Office 8 $2,157 13
Lakes Entrance Service Centre 15 $3,200 21
Orbost Service Centre 10 $3,400 14
Omeo Service Centre 17 $2,385 13
Pyke Street Office 13 $2,652 21
Paynesville Service Centre 40 $9,319 52
Lakes Entrance Aquadome 45 $5,059 74
Forge Theatre 11 $2,000 15
Bairnsdale Library 10 $2,444 15
Corporate Centre 26 $3,600 28
Bairnsdale Aquatic and Recreation Centre 99 $13,000 130
Community Operated and Managed Facilities
Community and Education Hub 7 $1,356 10
East Gippsland Art Gallery 5 $1,390 8
AJ Freeman Reserve, Paynesville 10 $2,610 7
Bairnsdale City Oval 10 $2,444 15
Squash and Table Tennis 6 $858 7
East Gippsland Historic Society 5 $1,265 7
Total 252 $49,826 341

Some sites have been combined into a multiple sites combined live display.

Watch the panels being installed

If you want to see how solar panels are installed, here is a video of the Bairnsdale Aquatic and Recreation installation.

Small Business Energy Saver Program by Sustainability Victoria

Victorian small businesses can receive up to $2000 to install energy-efficient business equipment at their workplace. By switching to energy-saving equipment upgrades offered by the Small Business Energy Saver program, businesses can save on annual energy operational costs.

The Small Business Energy Saver Program provides a bonus for small businesses, discounting the cost to upgrade to more energy-efficient equipment. Small business owners can use the savings from reduced energy bills to focus on growing their business while reducing emissions.

To be eligible small businesses must:

  • have 1 to 19 employees
  • have a commercial (non-residential) premises
  • is not available for primary producers in agriculture

The $5 million program by Sustainability Victoria assists small businesses to implement upgrades which will lower their operational costs.

The equipment upgrades eligible for the bonus include to replace inefficient:

  • electric hot water systems
  • gas hot water systems
  • room reverse cycle air-conditioners.

It can also be used to install efficient:

  • refrigerator display cabinets
  • fridges and freezers
  • refrigeration and ventilation fans and motors
  • pre-rinse spray valves.

The bonus is in addition to the discounts through the Victorian Energy Upgrades program.

If you are a small business but do not own your property, you need to ensure you are authorised to have installation activities carried out at the premises.

More information is on the Small Business Energy Saver website.

Electric vehicle charging stations

Electric vehicle charging stations are being installed in public carparks across East Gippsland.

Council has secured federal and state government funding to install seven fast chargers with the rollout to be completed by June 2023.

The aim is to support the uptake of electric vehicles and encourage tourism across our region.

All electric vehicle charging stations installed by Council will source 100 per cent renewable electricity as part of VECO.

Stage one is funded by the Australian Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program and will see a 50kW fast charger installed in the following towns:

• Bairnsdale: 101-121 Nicholson Street

• Omeo: Tongio Road parallel carpark opposite the Council depot

• Orbost: 5 Wolseley Street  carpark

• Cann River: Ward Street park

Stage two is funded by a Victorian Government matched funding Destination Charging Across Victoria (DCAV) grant and will see 50kW fast chargers installed by May 2023 in Mallacoota, Buchan and Lakes Entrance.

These chargers will be installed by June 2023 as part of planned streetscape upgrades.

More information, see DCAV.

What is a fast charger?

A fast charger allows an electric vehicle to charge the battery in approximately an hour. When two cars are both plugged in at the same time it takes up to twice as long.

Council will install 50kW DC chargers with CCS2 and CHAdeMO dual plugs. These will fit most electric vehicles.

There are also private companies working with Council to install EV charging stations on public land for private electric vehicle users in Paynesville, Lakes Entrance, Cann River and Bruthen.

Charger placement

• Placement of EV chargers is determined by:

• Carpark type (ideally two 90-degree adjacent carparks)

• Access to three-phase electricity

• Capacity in the grid

• Proximity to amenities such as public toilets, cafes, shops and parks.




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