Septic Tanks
Septic Tanks
Council must approve all wastewater treatment and disposal systems (up to 5,000 litres per day) before they are installed or altered.

If you do not live in an area with reticulated sewerage and you are building a house or extending an existing home to add more bedrooms, you need to apply for a permit to install or alter a septic tank system. Septic systems are based on the number of bedrooms in a home.

Permits are valid for two years and construction of the system must be installed as outlined in the permit to install.

A 'Permit to Use' will be issued once the system is installed and all necessary inspections have been completed and the plumber's compliance certificate submitted.

When you have completed a septic tank application form send your form with the following documents:

  • The fee for either installation or alteration
  • Plan of the location of the site
  • Site plan of the prosed installation
  • Copy of the land capability assessment report
  • Copy of certificate of conformity (only required for aerated wastewater system)

  • Install a septic tank system application: $723.90
  • Alter a septic tank system application: $551.70
  • Renew permit to install: $123.10
  • Search for septic tank plans: $24.40

You can get more information and advice by contacting council.

The system you install must be approved by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Visit the EPA website for more information.

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