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Buchan and District
Buchan is a town in the East Gippsland region of Victoria, it is situated adjacent to the Buchan River, upstream from the river's junction with the Snowy River.

Buchan and district comprises of the following localities: Buchan, Buchan South, Timbarra, W Tree, Gelantipy, Butchers Ridge, Gillingall, Murrindal, Suggan Buggan, Wulgulmerang, Wulgulmerang East, Wulgulmerang Westand Black Mountain.

After the devastating fire events of 2019-2020 the communities of the Buchan Gelantipy district have established a representative group of community members to voice their community’s needs in recovery. The committee is currently meeting fortnightly to advocate for individuals navigating their recovery journey as well as creating a community recovery plan which will inform government and other organisations where investment is best placed to meet community need. Visit their website to find out more about the committee and the renewal progress in Buchan Gelantipy and districts.

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