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Waste Disposal Fees
environment & waste
Waste Disposal Fees
Waste disposal fees for our landfills and transfer stations.

Changes to Waste fees and Charges in the draft 2023-24 Budget

Council is proposing to increase waste fees and charges as part of the draft 2023-24 Budget. The aim of these changes is to ensure we maintain our service levels whilst providing an equitable fee structure for our community. These changes are required to offset increasing costs primarily resulting from the Victorian Government’s landfill levy, other compliance costs, high inflation and rising fuel and transport prices.

The key changes proposed to annual waste fees and charges are:

• The waste levy to increase from $37 to $51 on all properties that receive a municipal charge (change of $14). This fee is applied to all rateable properties.

• The three bin household waste service, (waste, recycling and garden organics) to increase from $418 to $452 (change of $34).

• Transfer Station gate fees to have minor increases across various waste types. Examples include: household waste bag increase from $5 to $6 or a cubic metre of household waste increases from $48 to $51. A full list of transfer station gate fees is available within the draft Budget.

• Introduction of a green waste disposal fee at waste sites (see below for more details).

• Single farming enterprises will only receive one waste levy charge.

Free recycling services at our landfills and transfer stations will continue. The cost of mattress disposal is again significantly discounted as part of this year’s Budget. These services reflect Council’s commitment to supporting recycling and the circular economy.

Proposed Green Waste Charge, November amnesty and coupons

Garden waste taken directly to landfill and transfer stations (not through kerbside collection), represents over 80% of all green waste material processed. The cost of processing green waste continues to rise – it is expected to reach as much as $700,000 this year.

With increasing volumes and cost to process material, Council proposes to introduce a Green Waste charge at transfer stations of $12 per cubic metre (or approximately one standard 6x4 trailer load). The introduction of this charge is needed to continue to accept green waste across our transfer stations and regional landfill.

Introducing this new charge is consistent with the principle of ‘user pays’. It means people who dispose of green waste will contribute to its processing cost, rather than a blanket increase being applied to household waste fees included in the annual rates.

Therefore if a green waste charge is not introduced – general waste fees and charges would need to increase in order to subsidise the service in the coming year.

Council arrived at the rate of $12 per cubic metre following targeted consultation in 2019 and recent benchmarking with other Victorian councils, which found that East Gippsland Shire Council is one of the only Victorian councils that does not charge for green waste disposal.

If the draft Budget is adopted, the Green Waste Charge will be introduced from 1 September 2023.

November free green waste drop off

The draft budget includes an annual free ‘green waste’ drop off period throughout November to assist residents to prepare for the fire season.

Green Waste Voucher

A ‘green waste voucher’ allowing the disposal of up to 1.5 cubic metres of green waste at transfer stations will be available to all rateable properties.

Reusable product rebate

Council offers a rebate on several reusable products to help people reduce waste going to landfill. Worm farm and compost bins are included in the rebate scheme. For more information on how to compost or start a worm, visit Waste Education and Resources.

Apply for a rebate using the Form: Waste Service Request.

More information

For more information regarding proposed changes to waste and recycling fees, please contact us on 03 5153 9500.

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General Waste, Tyres, Mattresses

General Waste

  • Bag (up to 80 litre): $5 (Minimum fee)
  • Bin: $12
  • Car/Station Wagon: $24
  • Trailer (6x4 up to 0.3m high): $36
  • Ute: $48
  • Ute High load: $97
  • $48 cubic metre
  • $236 tonne

Tyres (each)

  • Car or motorcycle: $8
  • 4x4 or light truck: $17
  • Truck up to 1.2m diameter: $27
  • Tractor up to 1.6m diameter: $132

Mattresses (each)

Single: $17

Double or Queen: $23

King: $30

Commercial, Industrial and Building Waste

Sorted load

  • Bin: $21
  • Car/Station Wagon: $43
  • Trailer (6x4 up to 0.3m high): $64
  • Ute: $86
  • Ute High load: $172
  • $86 cubic metre
  • $256 tonne

Unsorted load

  • Bin: $25
  • Car/Station Wagon: $50
  • Trailer (6x4 up to 0.3m high): $75
  • Ute: $99
  • Ute High load: $198
  • Bulk Waste - Commercial Compactor truck: $256
  • $99 cubic metre
  • $310 tonne

Business / Commercial and Building Waste - Other Fees

  • Contaminated waste / recyclables: $231
  • Tree stumps and logs over 0.3m diameter (Non-Weighbridge site): $182 m3
  • Tree stumps and logs over 0.3m diameter (Weighbridge site): $256 tonne
  • Packaged organic waste: $440 tonne
  • Asbestos, less than 20kg: $6
  • Asbestos: $300 tonne
  • Low-level contaminated soil: $278 tonne
  • Clean fill: $49 m3 / $36 tonne
  • Recyclable plastic drums (non Drum Muster): $1 each
  • Concrete, bricks and tiles: $171 cubic metre or $114 tonne

Green Waste, Recycling and Electronic Waste (e-waste)

Green Waste

It is free* to dispose of your green waste.

*Green waste items over 0.3m diameter (such as tree stumps and logs): $182 cubic metre or $256 tonne


It is free to dispose of recyclables. Recycling is paper, flattened cardboard, glass containers, steel cans and hard plastic containers.
Recycling must be free of contamination. Please remove all packaging and strapping.

Electronic Waste

It is free to dispose of electronic waste.

This is any item with a battery, plug or cord.

Electronic waste has been banned from entering landfill since 2019.

Gas bottles, steel, white goods, batteries, motor oil, polystyrene

Gas bottle

Disposal of a gas bottle (10kg or smaller): $10

Steel and white goods

These items can be disposed of free of charge.

Batteries (sorted)

Disposal of sorted batteries is free.

Motor oil

It is free to dispose of motor oil.


It is free to dispose of polystyrene.

Animal bodies

Dead animals can only be disposed of at Bairnsdale Landfill.

Small animal: $9

This includes dog, cat. lamb, calf under 4 months.

Large animal: $240 tonne

This includes sheep, cow, horse.

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