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Applying for a Planning Permit
building & development
Applying for a Planning Permit
Information on how to apply for a Planning Permit in East Gippsland Shire.
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Getting Started

When you have found out what zones and overlays apply to your land (Planning Property Report) and need advice, you can arrange a pre-application meeting to discuss your proposal with a planning officer.

Planning officers do not design the application or predict a decision, but they can give advice and guidance on the process.

Our planners can tell you if you need a planning permit and if so, let you know what your application needs to include.

You can seek professional advice or prepare the application yourself using our application checklists as a guide.

To ensure that your application can be processed quickly you need to include all the relevant information.

What to include

A planning permit application must include:

  • A completed Planning Permit Application Form
  • The application fees (see Schedule of Fees for more information)
  • A Certificate of Title less than 30 days old, including all details for the subject land. You can get this from the Titles Office or phone (03)  9194 0605.
  • Three copies of the site and floor plans and all elevations (all development and some use applications). All plans must be drawn to scale with dimensions to a professional standard.  If not, you may be asked to provide new plans that meet the standard.
  • Any other information required.  Speak to a planning consultant or check with Council.

Minimum information required to accompany an Application for a Planning Permit

In order to improve the processing of planning permit applications at the East Gippsland Shire, the following list contains the minimum information which must be submitted with any Planning Permit application.

If your application is not complete your application will not be registered and a letter will be sent identifying information required to be provided.

You are encouraged to book a pre-application meeting with a Development Officer to have preliminary discussions concerning an application. (Please note Development Officers are available only by appointment.)

For all planning applications, the following MUST be provided:
  • An Application form completed and signed.
  • A current and full copy of title (including title plan) and details of any Restrictive Covenants or other restrictions on the title. This title must have been searched within the last month. (Note: You can obtain a copy of title by searching on-line at landata or by visiting the Land Information Centre at 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne between 8.30am and 4.00pm Monday to Friday).
  • The prescribed application fee (See attached fee schedule or link to fee schedule).
  • A covering letter/submission detailing what is proposed and responding to the relevant provisions of the East Gippsland Planning Scheme.

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Sensitivity
  • Copy of the aboriginal cultural heritage self-assessment if the property has cultural heritage sensitivity.

In addition to the information required above site layout and elevation plans (as appropriate) must be provided.

3 copies (A3) of fully dimensioned site plans drawn at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200 which include, as appropriate:

  • North point
  • The boundaries and dimensions of the site
  • Adjoining roads The proposed site configurations
  • Proposed buildings and works including setbacks
  • Site shape, size, orientation and easements
  • Details of existing and proposed vehicular access to the site
  • Effluent disposal areas
  • Levels of the site and the difference in levels between the site and surrounding properties
  • Location of existing buildings on the site and on surrounding properties
  • The use of surrounding buildings
  • Fully dimensioned and drawn at a scale of 1:100 floor plans (if appropriate)
  • Fully dimensioned and drawn at a scale of 1:100 elevation plans (if appropriate)
  • Land Capability Assessment (if appropriate)

The quality and content of the information submitted will be assessed as part of the consideration of the application.

Further information may be required to be submitted to Council for particular land use and development proposals and you should refer to the relevant information sheet for more details.

Please note, Council encourages the submission of all planning information and plans on CD in PDF format, with 3 hard copy sets of accompanying plans and information.

A copy of the “Application for Planning Permit” form and the fee schedule are available on Council’s website.

If you have any queries regarding what needs to be provided or wish to book a pre application meeting, please contact Council’s Development Department on 03 5153 9500 or visit Council Offices at 273 Main Street Bairnsdale, between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Note: Planning approval is often only one approval required from Council. Other approvals that may be required are:

  • Building Permit (Please note you will need to apply to a Private Building Surveyor not Council), or
  • Road Opening Permit (undertaking works within a Council road reserve i.e. vehicle crossover, service connection), or
  • Septic Tank Permit.

Many properties in East Gippsland Shire are subject to Planning Scheme Overlays. These overlays can include matters such as wildfire, erosion, environmental significance, vegetation protection and the like.

An application may have to address the specific requirements of the relevant overlay(s) affecting the property. View the East Gippsland Planning Scheme for further information.

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