The first step in becoming an Australian citizen is to apply through the Department of Home Affairs.

We conduct citizenship ceremonies on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

We do not handle the application process of becoming an Australian Citizen.

The Department handles all aspects of applying to become a citizen and inviting applicants to attend a ceremony where they will make their Australian Citizenship Pledge.

Please visit the Department of Home Affairs website or contact them on 131 880 for information about becoming an Australian Citizen.

Upcoming Citizenship Ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies are livestreamed and can be viewed on Council’s YouTube channel ‘EastGippyTV’.

We hold approximately four citizenship ceremonies per year. The first is held on Australia Day, 26 January, and a ceremony is also held on Australian Citizenship Day in September.

Next ceremony: Thursday 26 January 2023 (Australia Day)

Last ceremony: Saturday 17 September 2022

For more details on Citizenship Ceremonies, please contact us at or phone 5153 9500.

When can I take part in a citizenship ceremony

We are notified when candidates are approved for this step by the Department of Home Affairs.

We will then invite the candidate to participate in the next ceremony.

We know it is an important decision to become an Australian citizen and we aim to make each ceremony memorable and personal. We send each candidate a personalised photograph to remember the day.

For further information on citizenship ceremonies contact the Civic Events Officer on 5153 9500 or

A citizenship ceremony is the final step towards becoming an Australian citizen; it is where candidates publicly make the Pledge of Commitment as citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia.

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28 July 2022 Citizenship Ceremony

East Gippsland’s newest citizens have been officially welcomed at Lakes Entrance Mechanic’s Hall citizenship ceremony on Thursday 28 July.

The participants from Britain, China, France, India, Iraq, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Sweden, Thailand, Vietnam and United States formally pledged their commitment to Australia at the citizenship ceremony.

Mayor, Cr Mark Reeves said “it really is an honour to be part of such a significant day for these residents. It’s an opportunity for us to give a warm welcome to 37 of our newest citizens and acknowledge the importance of what it means to become a member of the Australian community.

“Citizenship is the common bond uniting all Australians, whether you are an Australian by birth or by choice. Congratulations to those becoming Australian citizens on making their commitment to Australia.”

Council administers 4 citizenship ceremonies each year on behalf of the Department of Home Affairs.

Attending a citizenship ceremony is the final step in the journey to become an Australian citizen and receive a certificate of Australian Citizenship. The ceremony fulfills the requirements under Australian citizenship law and provides an opportunity for Council to officially welcome its new citizens.

This year, East Gippsland has welcomed 77 new citizens to the region.

For more of a selection of photographs see the image gallery below from our most recent ceremony or contact us:

26 April 2022 Citizenship Ceremony

East Gippsland’s newest citizens have been officially welcomed at citizenship ceremony in Bairnsdale on Tuesday 26 April 2022.

The 24 participants from United States, Czech Republic, Britain, Germany, India, Malaysia, New Zealand and the Philippines, formally pledged their commitment to Australia at the ceremony, which was the final step in their citizenship journey.

East Gippsland Shire Council Mayor Cr Mark Reeves said citizenship ceremonies are one of the highlights of his role.

“Welcoming people from all walks of life and all corners of the globe to East Gippsland changes our community for the better. I am absolutely thrilled that 24 new citizens have chosen to live in our wonderful part of the world.  

“I wish everyone who has become an Australian citizen today, every success in the future and enjoy their new life in the East Gippsland Shire.”

East Gippsland Shire has welcomed over 50 new citizens this year. The next ceremony will be held on Tuesday, July 26.  

For a selection of photographs see the image gallery below from our most recent ceremony on Tuesday 26 April 2022 or contact us by sending an email to

East Gippsland has welcomed 14 new Aussies at a citizenship ceremony held on Australia Day – Wednesday 26 January 2022.

Staged at the St Mary’s Parish Centre in Bairnsdale, 14 people from Bangladesh, the United Kingdom, Portugal, India, Vietnam and New Zealand took the pledge to become Australian citizens.

Mayor Cr Mark Reeves, who presided over the ceremony, said it was wonderful to see everyone wanting to officially call Australia home, whether they had been living in Australia for many years (in the case of some of candidates more than 50 years), had recently moved to East Gippsland, or are new arrivals to Australia.

“Australian citizenship is the common bond which unites us all. Australia respects the diverse cultural inheritance of its citizens and our new citizens add yet another rich layer of diversity and culture to East Gippsland,” Cr Reeves said.

“On behalf of Council I congratulate everyone for taking that final step of formalising their commitment to our great country.”

Aunty Sandra Patten, a Gunai senior elder, provided the welcome to country, and Member for Gippsland East Tim Bull was on hand to assist the Mayor with the presentations.

More photos available on request

26 January 2022 (Australia Day) Citizenship Ceremony

1 February 2022 Citizenship Citizenship

For the first time we held an online citizenship ceremony due to COVID-19 restrictions that were occurring at the time.

The attendees were from New Zealand and China.

Saturday 17 September 2022

East Gippsland officially welcomed 14 of our nation’s newest citizens to the community on Saturday 17 September.  

To mark National Citizenship Day, Council held its latest citizenship ceremony at St Mary’s Church in Bairnsdale, giving 14 individuals the opportunity to take the oath surrounded by friends and family.  

The participants from America, Britain, Canada, France, Malaysia, Philippines and Thailand formally pledged their commitment to Australia at the citizenship ceremony.  

Mayor Cr Mark Reeves said the ceremonies are always great to celebrate with our new Aussies to the region.  

“Council hosts four citizenship ceremonies each year,” Cr Reeves said.

So far this year, 91 people have taken the oath and become Australian citizens in ceremonies held locally.

Cr Reeves said citizenship ceremonies were one of the best parts of being a councillor. Australia is a great place to call home and we’re a welcoming society.

“Our newest citizens are already contributing to our region in a variety of ways and it’s great that they have made the choice to become official Aussies.”

Zoe Chin is one of the East Gippsland residents who became an Australian citizen. Zoe moved to Australia from Malaysia in 2015 to further her education. Zoe studied in Queensland and Darwin before settling in East Gippsland, where she is a pharmacist at the hospital.    

“Becoming a citizen makes Australia our home. The Australian people have been so welcoming to us and we have such a wonderful quality of life here in East Gippsland” said Zoe.  

The ceremony was livestreamed and can be viewed on Council’s YouTube channel ‘EastGippyTV’.

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