building & development
building & development
East Gippsland Shire Council is responsible for maintaining a network of sealed and unsealed public roads across the municipality.
There are currently no Planning Scheme Amendments on exhibition.
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Road Closures

As a result of recent rainfall, the following roads remain closed until further notice.
Last updated: 24 January 2022 at 10.15 am.

Morrisons Road

Evans Track (Ramrod Bridge)

Buchan South Ensay Road
Lousadas Road

Buchan South
Canni Creek Road

Bundarra Valley

Callaghans Road


Cassilis Road to all but local traffic. Please note: significant flood damage on Cassilis Road at Haylock Track which is causing a traffic hazard. "Road Closed” and “Local Traffic Only” signage in place at both ends where Cassilis Road meets the Great Alpine Road, Swifts Creek and Omeo.
Cassilis Road from Great Alpine Road Omeo to Upper Livingstone Road is open with hazards.

Victoria Falls

Flaggy Creek
Boggy Creek Road

Lindenow South
Buntines Road


Bazeley Street  
Goldies Road to Highview Court
Halletts Road

Margettes Street, from Depott Road to Omeo Transfer Station.
Upper Livingstone Road
Perry Lane

Shaws Gully Road

Nowa Nowa
Launching Road to Boat Ramp

Swifts Creek
Bald Hills Creek Road

Tambo Crossing
Battle Point Track
Old Coach Road

Deep Creek Road

East Gippsland Shire Council's road network includes:

  • 2,898km of formed roads
  • 203 road bridges
  • 27 footbridges
  • 223km of footpaths
  • 8,452 culverts - including 129 major culverts

All road closures can be view on the VicRoads website.

Road Legislation

The Road Management Act aims to improve road management legislation to provide a more efficient and safer road network for all Victorians. This legislation arose as a result of the High Court decision that changed the common law governing civil liability for road management to make road authorities more accountable for the safety of their road networks.

The objectives of the Act are to:

  • Set out the general rights of road users and their obligations in relation to responsible use
  • Establish a system for the management of safe and efficient public roads that best meet the needs and priorities of State and local communities
  • Set clear principles for the division of responsibilities between State and local road authorities
  • Provide mechanisms for coordinating the placement and maintenance of infrastructure on road reserves
  • Establish standards for the construction, inspection, maintenance and repair of local roads.
  • Set out the powers and duties of road authorities
  • Clarify the law relating to civil liability for the management of public roads and other public highways

Public Road Register and Road Management Plan

Under the Road Management Act, Council must keep a register of public roads for which it is the coordinating authority, see the Public Road Register below. This list is updated four times a year.

Understanding Road Maintenance

Our easy-to-read guide to road maintenance is available, here.

Understanding Roadside Vegetation Management

An easy-to-read guide to what Council does to keep our roads safe while also protecting biodiversity, available here.

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