Library Membership and Fees
Library Membership and Fees
Information on becoming a library member or running a book club. This page also lists the fees for some library services.
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, libraries are currently closed.

Membership is free.

Anyone with proof of residential address who agrees to the terms of borrowing and membership below may become a member. Children and young adults under 18 years of age require the signature of parent or guardian to become a member. You must  present your membership card to borrow resources or to verify access to our online resources.

There are three types of membership:

  • Individual
  • Community organisation
  • Book Club

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Individual Membership

To apply for library membership you will need to complete a Library Registration form. You will receive a library card which you need to sign before it can be used at our branches.

Your signature shows us that you have read and understood our Terms of Borrowing and Membership and agree to follow them.

Community organisation membership

This membership is for community organisations such as pre-schools, childcare centres and nursing homes.

Book Club Membership

Book clubs can borrow sets of selected titles for their members to read and discuss.

Each book club has a single membership card. 

We keep a list of clubs seeking more members to give to people wishing to join a club.

How the Book Club membership works

  • Each book club nominates a convenor who is in charge distributing items to members and making sure they are returned to the library by the due date.
  • The convenor is given a list of titles.
  • Groups can reserve up to two titles at onetime.
  • There are eight copies of each title in the Book Club Collection.  For larger groups, more copies may be available from the general collection.
  • To allow time for distribution and collection, book club sets have an eight-week loan.
  • Book club sets can be borrowed from, and returned to any of our libraries or outreach centres.
  • There is no charge to borrow from the book club collection.
  • New titles are added to the book club collection each month, but the library accepts donations to expand the collection.
  • Groups wanting to make a donation should consult with us in advance to check we do not already have that set.

The book club convenor needs to fill in our Book Club Membership form.

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