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Paynesville and District
Paynesville offers lakeside and canal living with direct access to Lake King and Lake Victoria in the heart of the Gippsland Lakes.

Paynesville and District covers Paynesville, Raymond Island, Eagle Point, Newlands Arm and Ocean Grange.

Paynesville offers lakeside and canal living with direct access to Lake King and Lake Victoria in the heart of the Gippsland Lakes. The town is known as the boating capital of Victoria, has a strong marine and tourism-based economy and is one of the fastest-growing communities in the region.

Newlands Arm has experienced considerable residential growth in recent years, and is increasingly popular as an access point to the Gippsland Lakes. The quiet, remote setting is greatly valued, as is the natural foreshore environment, which possesses significant ecological and cultural features.

Raymond Island is a unique village and rural residential locality. A short ferry ride from Paynesville its bushland setting, natural values and quiet lifestyle are valued by the community.

Eagle Point is a small settlement approximately 13km south-east of Bairnsdale, with impressive natural characteristics that make the town a popular tourist destination. The presence of the lake and Mitchell River Silt Jetties provides an important asset for both residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy its natural setting.

Eagle Point Precinct Structure Plan

A structure plan for Eagle Point has been prepared to help guide the future development of the area.

A structure plan provides greater certainty about the type of land use and development that may occur in the future for the whole town, rather than leaving development outcomes to be determined by the land’s zoning.

It allows council to understand development outcomes that the community believes are important and use this to guide decisions about specific sites.

Download the Eagle Point Structure Plan

Concept Landscape Masterplan for the Eagle Point Foreshore Redevelopment Precinct

This develops in greater detail the future design of this precinct.  While it is included in the Coastal Plan, the detailed design of the various parts of the concept landscape plan will be subject to future community consultation.

Paynesville Foreshore Management Plan

The Paynesville Foreshore Management Plan identifies the environmental, economic and social values of the Paynesville foreshore, the current issues faced and proposes a range of actions and improvements that are to occur over time.

Following community consultation the plan was adopted by Council at its November 2017 meeting.

The plan will be sent to the relevant Victorian Government Minister for Coastal Management Act consent. With these approvals in place, council will begin working through the various actions identified in the plan over the next 10 years.

Paynesville Growth Area Structure Plan

Council formally adopted the Paynesville Growth Area Structure Plan on 2 August 2016.

This plan covers the area from Grandview Road east to the currently developed edge of Paynesville; and the area north of Paynesville Road from Waterview Road east to Fullarton Drive.

The plan provides a framework for growth and expansion of Paynesville for the next 20+ years and will ensure that the growth integrates with the existing town and retains a character that is recognisably Paynesville.

The next steps will be to develop the necessary documentation to enable the plan to be inserted into the East Gippsland Planning Scheme.

Raymond Island Urban Design Framework

The framework was jointly developed by Council, the Department of Sustainability and Environment and the Gippsland Coastal Board in 2007 and details the design vision for the future development of Raymond Island over the next 15-20 years.

 Urban Design Framework

Slip Road Maritime Precinct concept plan addendum

This addendum outlines the vision for the precinct.

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