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Intention to licence land - Paynesville foreshore boat sheds
Date of Issue: 
March 16, 2022

The following licences over Council-managed Crown land are proposed.

Each proposed licence of land and buildings is for a boat shed located on the Paynesville foreshore, and is for a term of nine years.

Rent will be based on our Leasing and Licensing Policy for Council-owned Land and Council-managed Land.

Comments or enquiries close at 4.00 pm on Tuesday 5 April 2022.

Licence of land and buildings

Licensee – Jacqueline Ingram and Jeffrey Ingram

Area – 24 m²


Licensee – Ann Waller and Edgar Waller

Area – 26.7 m²


Licensee – Jean Murray and Peter Murray and Deborah Goldsworthy and Peter Goldsworthy

Area – 42 m²


Licensee – Philip Mulkearns

Area – 38.6 m²


Licensee – Jane Shaw and Richard Shaw

Area – 24.8 m²


Licensee – Leonard Thistlethwaite and Lynette Thistlethwaite

Area – 29.8 m²


Licensee – Elizabeth Chapman and Myles Chapman

Area – 24.8 m²


Licensee – Rosa Maslen and Wilson Maslen

Area – 16 m²

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