Cr Jane Greacen OAM
Current Councillor
Former Councillor
Deputy Mayor
Elected Terms: 
Served as Mayor: 
Served as Deputy Mayor: 

Cr Jane Greacen is a rural General Practitioner (GP) and occupational physician.

Cr Greacen is the Deputy Mayor for 2023-24.

Jane has also worked in a number of senior management positions, including Director Medical Services in four rural hospitals; Chief Executive Officer of the Rural Workforce Agency Victoria for 10 years; Deputy Director Primary Care in Department Health; Chief Medical Officer for the Public Transport Corporation; Director Planning and Education, Victorian Accident Rehabilitation Council.

Jane's commitment is to the health of the community and therefore the health of the country.

Jane has a focus on:

  • protecting the country from polluting industries.
  • sustainability: economic, environmental and social.
  • supporting agriculture, forestry, science and education.
  • honouring the Aboriginal Community and the rich cultural heritage.
  • jobs for the Aboriginal Community, and everyone who needs work.
  • supporting arts & recreation throughout the region.
  • doing core business efficiently and behaving respectfully to everyone.

"This beautiful region has a resilient population that has faced many hardships. There should be no rates rises for five years. Opportunities exist to drive innovation, protect our natural environment and human and ecological health without compromising our way of life," Jane said.

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