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We're tackling grass growth head on
Date of Issue: 
November 21, 2022

Current wet and warm conditions mean plenty of lush green grass – but right now we have way too much of a good thing. So we’re stepping up the battle against long grass.

We have prioritised gardens and reserves, and we're working with local sporting clubs to ensure their playing surfaces are cut every one to two weeks. We’ve updated our mowing schedule, and taken on more workers (including contractors) and equipment so we can head out to tackle grass growth head on.  

It’s a big job.  

In spring, we mow the equivalent of 175 MCGs every one to two weeks - that’s five times more than normal.

Rain and wet ground mean less time to mow, and areas that can’t be mowed or have to be mowed slowly.

This means there will be times when some locations will have high growth – so we ask for your patience.

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