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Scriveners Road two-day closure
Date of Issue: 
August 8, 2022

Scriveners Road in Kalimna West will be closed at the Mississippi Creek Crossing on Wednesday 10 August and Thursday 11 August, 7.00 am-5.30 pm, to allow for geotechnical works.

The Mississippi Creek Crossing has been heavily damaged by floodwater caused by significant weather events over the past few months.

Temporary reinstatement roadworks have not been possible due to the presence of a compromised East Gippsland Water sewer main along the road.

We are finalising concept options for a permanent upgrade of the Mississippi Creek floodway to a design capable of handling flash-flooding and storm events.

Following the geotechnical works, the road will reopen under the existing one-way arrangement.

We will inspect the road after every rain event and keep it open if safe to do so.

Road users are encouraged to exercise care and comply with the existing arrangement and signage in place.

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