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Tell us about litter and dumped rubbish
Date of Issue: 
February 19, 2021

East Gippslanders are being asked to ‘dob in a dumper’ and send council information via the Snap, Send Solve app, request a litter pack or via an online form on Council’s website. 

Mayor Cr Mendy Urie said it is important for residents to send us data on where litter and illegal dumping hotspots are located to help keep the region beautiful and free from illegal dumping. 

“Residents are encouraged to send through information about litter using three options. Send, Snap Solve is an app and website that allows you to send through the location, a photograph and information while on the go. This information is sent through to the appropriate land manager,” Cr Urie said. 

“Another option is to download or request a litter pack. This includes an online form from the Victorian Litter Alliance and can be completed and sent back to Council via our website. 

“The third option is to send through the details of the litter and illegal dumping sites via email or phone to or 5153 9500.” 

“With Clean Up Australia Day quickly approaching on March 9, we can all do our bit to reduce the quantity of litter and help spread the message about positive and correct disposal behaviours,” Cr Urie said. 

Council will be working with community and environmental groups across the shire. If you would like to be involved as an individual or on behalf of a group, please contact the Waste Education Officer for a litter pack or fill in the online survey. Anyone is welcome to contribute.

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