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Omeo Mountain Bike Trails - May 2024 update
Date of Issue: 
May 31, 2024

Omeo Mountain Bike Trails Project update – May 2024

It’s getting closer!

The Common Ground Trails team has made the most of good shovel-work weather to power through an impressive stretch of single trail kilometres since our last update.

The team has commenced construction of a new section of flow trail – the Intermediate-rated GR2 aka the lower bit of Flomeo.

Construction of XC15 Down has now begun – with the trail builders starting at the top of Sam Hill and working their way down the back of the peak.

Ready to ride

Omeo Mountain Bike Park is already a great place to spend a weekend on two wheels.

Lock out the suspension and shift into the 40-sprocket then take on our first Blue-rated climb up Mt Mesley via Billygoat trail (formerly known as El Buro) then catch your breath before sending it down Crikey trail (formerly known as Bermnanza).

There are a number of steep switchback berms on the Crikey descent, so please consider your riding ability before taking on this loop. If you have little ones in tow, park your car at the Oriental Claims carpark.

From there, you can explore a 3km loop on the Pioneer trail, which is all climbing, followed by a Green-rated descent. Then you can tack on the 2km Sluice and Water Race loop if the young ones are still full of beans.

Want more? Start at the Livingstone Park trailhead and make your way along Oriental Express adding in the above green loops before you make your way back to the start via Mine Bender.

Safety on the trails

Our crews have spotted riders using closed trails in active construction areas. While we love your enthusiasm, riding on unfinished trails involves significant collision risks with machinery – including active excavators – and with trail testers.

There is also a real potential for rock falls if you cross an unfinished section. In addition, unopened trails are not yet signposted – making locating an injured rider difficult in the event of an emergency. So check out the map above, observe signage on the trails and stay safe.

Riders are asked to avoid areas marked as construction sites.

Making sure that 8 is great

Common Ground Trails’ Natural Space Design team recently spent time at the Omeo site to walk the proposed XC8 course and check the proposed alignment for the 5.1km XC8 Out – an adventure loop up Dry Gully.

The route will take riders through some epic terrain via some spectacular rock outcrops (above).

It’s going to take some technical building to get the trail through the terrain, but the result will be an amazing back country adventure experience.

The Natural Space Design team conducted a feasibility study and will draw up a detailed concept and design.

Globally renowned trail designers World Trail – which has Enduro World Series, UCI World Championship courses on its resume – drew up a masterplan for the area several years ago, and Common Ground’s Natural Space Design team is bringing that plan to life.

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Loo la la!

Our construction crew has transformed the Livingstone Park amenities block.

It now boasts four freshly minted, accessible toilet cubicles, spacious changing rooms and four showers – ideal for a rejuvenating and refreshing post-ride scrub – perfect for washing away the toughest of trail dust before a well-earned beer or bite at one of the many nearby pubs and eateries.

New trail crew arrives

Omeo Mountain Bike Park now has a dedicated team for trail maintenance.

Jack Boldiston and Jack Richardson are already hard at work, ensuring that the park's trails remain accessible, safe and enjoyable for all – and we have a third trail maintenance member joining soon.

Omeo Mountain Bike Park trail maintenance officers Jack Boldiston (left) and Jack Richardson (right).

Their trail maintenance work will include:

Trail grooming – maintaining the trail corridor and clearing debris. This improves rider visibility, minimises vegetation impact and encourages people to stick to the trails.

Clearing – pruning and sawing trees along the trails to a safe height and width to make sure riders don’t connect heads or shoulders with branches.

Trail repair – modifying the trail surfaces to enhance drainage, addressing ruts and continually working to improve safety.

We had a chat with Jack Richardson and Jack Boldiston about their new roles.

What attracted you both to the role of trail maintenance officers in Omeo?

Jack R: To work locally and help the community to keep the town growing.

Jack B: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been riding pushbikes, whether it was mountain, road, gravel, or BMX. After riding for so long, I knew it was going to be a lifetime hobby. I thought it would be cool to be able to make it my full-time job.

Is there an initial project that yourself and Jack will be working on, such as trail work or remediation?

Jack R: Right now, from a maintenance perspective, we’re focusing on getting on top of the current 22-kilometre network that is open.

Could you share some insights into your background and how it has prepared you for the challenges of trail maintenance and safety?

Jack B: I have had experience in trail maintenance through volunteering at my local mountain bike club, whether it be for events such as the Shifty Fifty [a mass-participation Victorian mountain bike series] or just general maintenance for the community and club members.

Photographer Sam Purdie (Instagram: sgpurdie) captured the trails from above, revealing a canvas of single trail and switchbacks.

“I was particularly interested in applying for a job in Omeo just for the fact it is in such a prime spot for riding.” – Jack Boldiston

How do you envision collaborating with community members to enhance the user experience in the Omeo area?

Jack B: In the weeks I’ve spent living here I’ve already been on a few social rides with locals. I’ve heard people’s thoughts and experiences on the trail network and what they’d like to see happen in the park. Experiences like these help us to shape and form the future of the park for the locals and the broader bike riding community.

Have you had a chance to familiarise yourself with the local trails and their maintenance needs?

Jack R: In my former role with Common Ground Trail, which is constructing these trails, I had the opportunity to ride in and out on the trails on a daily basis – so, yes, I've had a sneak peek!

"The trails I’ve ridden I rate as a 10/10. I can't wait for more tracks to open up! Omeo and the region will have a fantastic asset once completed.” – Jack Richardson

Flow in the know

The team from online magazine Flow Mountain Bike recently sampled Omeo’s trails. Flow General Manager and writer Jono Wade had a blast, writing in a recent article: “The little bit that we rode was unreal, and it’s going to be pretty incredible when it’s all open.”

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