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Don’t overstay in your sleigh
Date of Issue: 
December 8, 2022

Christmas and the holiday season are fast approaching and as a result our towns enjoy a boost in visitation.

An increase in traffic means car parking spaces can be more difficult to find than at other times of the year.

This holiday season, East Gippsland Shire Council is asking everyone to think of others when parking your sleigh.

Please consider the business owners, delivery drivers, the less mobile, your fellow customers and even the parking officers. Council is asking everyone to ensure that they don’t overstay in their car parking space.

A steady turnover of parking spots in the busy period gives us all a chance to stop and shop and supports our local traders.

Some tips to consider this season:

  • Be prepared to walk a short distance
  • Consider adjusting shopping times so you’re driving into the main street outside of peak times (at key retailers this is usually before 11am and after 2pm)
  • Check and follow the signposted time restrictions in carpark
  • Please take care to avoid parking in bus zones, loading zones, no-parking areas and spaces set aside for people with an Accessible Parking Permit.

A range of parking options are available. As a rule, shorter stay time zones are in the middle of the CBD, while longer stay parking is towards the edge of the CBD. There is significant parking available within walking distance to most CBD businesses.

The most common infringement at this time of year is people parking in loading zones. These are not for the public, rather to support the efficient and safe delivery of goods to and from businesses.

Our parking officers don’t want to be Christmas grinches, but they do need to ensure fair access to parking for all members of the community. They work to ensure that parking spaces are shared, drivers and pedestrians are not obstructed or inconvenienced, and danger caused by unsafe parking is minimised. They should also be able to go about their work by being shown respect from the public.

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