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Council backs need to hit net-zero
Date of Issue: 
November 10, 2021

For immediate release – 10 November 2021

East Gippsland Shire Council has written to Prime Minister Scott Morrison to express its support for a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

It thanked the PM for supporting net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 but also asked Mr Morrison to commit to the recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to limit global heating to below 1.5 degrees by also increasing our 2030 emissions reduction targets.

Mayor Cr Mark Reeves noted that a shift away from carbon emissions can deliver a bright and exciting future for the nation and our region.

“Council has made an undertaking to reduce carbon emissions and protect the environment, cutting over 1,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year,” Cr Reeves said.

“We are shifting toward net-zero carbon emissions and have undertaken projects that increase resilience and reduce climate change risks, which include coastal hazards, inundation, fire and other extreme events.”

In the notice of motion put to the 26 October Council Meeting, Cr Tom Crook said Australia has some of the best clean-energy resources in the world, which can be used to drive investment into new and existing industries, creating and securing future jobs while increasing climate stability.

“Setting a target both signals our commitment to do our bit as a global citizen while providing the policy certainty required to invest in the net-zero carbon technologies required to reduce emissions, keep our communities safe and provide future prosperity for our shire and our nation,” Cr Crook said.

Council noted that a shift to zero emissions is backed by the National Farmers’ Federation, Meat and Livestock Australia, the Business Council of Australia and more than 100 of the nation’s largest companies.

Council also voted to congratulate the Prime Minister on his decision to attend the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP26, in Glasgow.

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