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Community Vision, Council Plan outline East Gippsland future
Date of Issue: 
July 14, 2021

East Gippsland Shire Council adopted the Community Vision 2040 and the Council Plan 2021-25 at the June 29 Council meeting.

Both documents were developed through a deliberative community engagement process, that brought the community’s voice to the planning process.

Building on the previous Community Vision 2030, the Community Vision 2040 expresses the aspirations, values, and priorities of the East Gippsland community, and will help shape what the community wants achieved in our region by 2040. The Community Vision requires a whole of community response to achieve, as it is far greater than Council’s remit alone.

Mayor Cr Mendy Urie said Council appreciates the contribution of everyone who took part in the consultation process.

“We had more than 470 people share their thoughts on the strengths and challenges of living, working and investing in East Gippsland. In addition, a 15-member Community Panel was formed to develop a set of evidence-based recommendations for the revised Community Vision. Council thanks everyone who contributed to this valuable process,” Cr Urie said.

The Community Vision is:

In 2040 our people, place, environment, and economy will be connected, in balance and resilient. Our unique and diverse communities will be accessible, inclusive, well connected and safe.  We will value and care for each other and our natural environment. Our economy will support existing and emerging industries by being agile, innovative, and sustainable.

Also adopted on the evening was the Council Plan 2021-25. The plan is Council’s major strategic document and sets out its objectives over the next four years. It will guide Council’s decision-making and advocacy work.

The Council Plan also includes a vision developed by the Councillor group. Having considered the engagement information and community priorities, the Councillors settled on the following vision for the Council Plan:

East Gippsland is an inclusive and innovative community that values our natural environment, puts community at the centre of Council decision-making and creates the conditions in which communities can thrive.

Council is required by legislation to prepare and adopt a four-year Council Plan within 12 months of the Council Elections in October 2020.

The Council Plan has five strategic objectives:

• An inclusive and caring community that respects and celebrates diversity.

• Planning and infrastructure that enriches the environment, lifestyle, and character of our communities.

• A natural environment that is managed and enhanced.

• A thriving and diverse economy that attracts investment and generates inclusive local employment.

• A transparent organisation that listens and delivers effective, engaging, and responsive services.

“In developing the Council Plan, a key objective was ensuring that community and economic recovery continues to be a focus across the four years following the devastating 2019-20 bushfires and the pandemic. Having a continued focus on recovery will position East Gippsland to increase its resilience and preparedness for future events,” Cr Urie said.

The Council Plan 2021-25 informs Council’s annual budget, which was also adopted at the meeting.

“I encourage people to read these two documents together as this gives a good understanding of Council’s direction and what we aim to achieve,” Cr Urie said.

The Community Vision 2040, Council Plan 2021-25 and Budget 2021/22 are also available to view at Customer Service Centres. To learn more about these documents, the meeting stream and the Mayor’s overview are available on Council’s YouTube channel, EastGippyTV.

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