Chinaman's Creek Marina
Situated on the picturesque Chinaman's Creek in Metung. The marina is close to boardwalks, walking tracks and the village centre and is easily accessible.
Chinaman's Creek Marina is currently full. Please call 03 5153 9500 or email us to express your interest and be added to our waiting list.

Chinamans Creek Marina

About the Marina

Chinamans Creek Marina is located in Metung, Victoria.  

Chinamans Creek Marina is easily accessible by land from Rosherville Road or the Main Road into the village and by boat via Bancroft Bay.

The creek runs into scenic natural surrounds and is located close to boardwalks, walking tracks and the village centre.

Berth Holder Documents

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COVIDsafe plan (265kb)

Marinas Power Policy (144kb)

Power Policy Frequently Asked Questions (190kb)

19-20 Metung Marina and Chinamans Creek Marina Annual Berth Holder Information (820kb)

Chinaman's Creek Marina - Berth Holders' Meeting 2020-21 (YouTube)

20-21 Metung Marina and Chinamans Creek Marina Annual Berth Holder Meeting Information (947kb)

20-21 Metung Marina and Chinamans Creek Marina Annual Berth Holder Meeting - Questions and Answers (314kb)

Facilities and Features

All moorings, pens and berths are non-powered at this marina.

  • Secured access
  • 26 jetty berths suitable for vessels up to 10m with secured gate access
  • 11 pole and divider berths for vessels up to 12m (tender/dinghy required for access)
  • 19 pole to pole moorings varying in length from 12m to 18m (tender/dinghy required for access)
  • 14 private jetty berths
  • Close to fuel
  • Near village centre

Fees and Charges

Permit Fees Annual 5 Year 10 Year 15 Year 20 Year
K pen 3.5m x 10m $1,015 $5,075 $10,150 $15,225 $20,300
K pen 4m x 12m $1,390 N/A N/A N/A N/A
L Mooring Pen 11m x 3m $270 N/A N/A N/A N/A
M Mooring 12m $210 N/A N/A N/A N/A
M Mooring 13m $220 N/A N/A N/A N/A
M Mooring 14m $285 N/A N/A N/A N/A
M Mooring 15m $375 N/A N/A N/A N/A
M Mooring 16m $460 N/A N/A N/A N/A
M Mooring 18m $585 N/A N/A N/A N/A
N Mooring 4.3m x 15m $1,870 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Additional Fees
Operations and Maintenance Fee
K, N and P Berths$644
L and M moorings$200
Replacement of lost key:Each$39

Rules and Regulations

1. Only vessels in a seaworthy condition and able to move under their own power will be permitted to remain in Chinamans Creek.

2. All vessels must be registered, identified, marked, equipped and maintained as required by law. A copy of the vessel’s registration is to be provided to Council.

3. A Berth Holder is permitted only to moor a vessel in their allocated Chinamans Creek berth.

4. Any vessel stored within the facility will only be entered by a Council Officer or Shire Appointed Inspector in an emergency situation, otherwise only with the authority of the owner. No other person will be allowed on the boat without the owner’s permission.

5. Any owner wishing to temporarily vacate his/her berth/mooring for a period exceeding one (1) month is required to notify the Shire of the expected absence and give reasonable notice when the berth is to be resumed. If any annual berth is continually unoccupied for three (3) consecutive months, without the prior notification to the Shire, the berth permit will be automatically cancelled and the berth reallocated to the next person on the waiting list.

6. Owners of vessels shall keep the area of the facility adjacent to their respective berths in an orderly and clean condition. No items or material are to remain on the jetties.

7. Owners of vessels shall keep their craft in such condition that they do not become unsightly or dilapidated. Decks of all vessels shall be kept free and clear of all debris, bottles, papers, rubbish, or other unsightly material at all times.

8. Major repairs, external painting, antifouling, refitting of craft and in water hull cleaning within Chinamans Creek is strictly prohibited. Minor repairs, internal painting, mechanical adjustments and electrical work are permitted, providing no discharge of any type is created. External sanding and/or painting is strictly prohibited within Chinamans Creek.

Note: The Shire may prohibit any work which in its reasonable opinion is detrimental to Chinamans Creek, other berth holders or the environment. All contractors conducting works within the facility must provide a copy of the current insurance policy to the East Gippsland Shire Council prior to commencing works. Minimum Public Liability Cover of $20,000,000 (twenty million or as determined by the East Gippsland Shire Council).

9. Fueling is permitted from hand held containers that comply with AS/NZS 2906-1991 and must comply with all environmental and legal requirements solely at the risk of the berth holder.

10. No riotous or disorderly behaviour shall be conducted on any vessel.

11. Noise should be kept to a minimum at all times and owners shall use their discretion in operating radios and musical apparatus so as not to create a nuisance, and owners of vessels shall secure all rigging to reduce noise levels.

12. No refuse of any kind shall be thrown overboard and must either be placed in the receptacles provided for public use or, in the case that items of refuse are too large, they must be disposed of correctly at the nearest transfer station or landfill.

13. Holding tanks, portable toilets, oil, spirits, inflammables and oily bilges are not to be discharged into the water of Chinamans Creek or surrounding lakes system.

14. In the event of any discharge detrimental to the environment the Shire will arrange for the proper authority to manage the clean up. All associated costs incurred are the responsibility of the berth holder.

15. Recreational swimming and diving within Chinamans Creek are strictly prohibited within 10 metres of moorings/jetties.

16. Fishing from the Jetty structure and from vessels berthed within the facility is strictly prohibited. Disposal of fish waste within Chinamans Creek is strictly prohibited.

17. Responsible adults shall accompany children under 12 years of age at all times on the marina and adhere to boating rules.

18. Pets within the bounds of the facility must be on a leash and under control at all times. Pet waste must be cleaned, collected and responsibly disposed of by pet owners.

19. No advertising sign should be hung from any vessel except with the prior written consent of the Shire. However, a vessel may display a small “for sale” sign (not to exceed 60X60 cm).

20. All vessels shall observe the specified speed limit of 5 knots (no wash zone) when departing from and approaching Chinamans Creek. Standard procedures will be observed at all times.

21. Mooring and associated costs are the responsibility of the berth holder.

-The minimum size of mooring lines recommended is to be three strand polyester rope in the following sizes:

  • Vessels up to 10 metres in length and less than 8 tonne in displacement 12mm.
  • Vessels greater than 10 meters or displacing greater than 8 tonne 16mm.

-Vessels are to be moored to the mooring points provided for the berth only.

-Where mooring rings are fitted mooring lines are to be attached to suitable metal shackles and metal thimbles.

22. No alterations or modifications to the marina structure may be carried out without the consent of the Shire.

23. No person shall reside, on a permanent basis, in any vessel berthed in Chinamans Creek.

24. The minimum Public Liability cover required by all vessel owners is $20,000,000 (twenty million or as determined by the East Gippsland Shire Council). A copy of the vessel’s insurance policy is to be provided to Council on an annual basis which clearly shows the berth holder’s name, expiry date of policy and the minimum public liability cover insurance.

25. Vessels must be moored at all times so that the boat and all ancillary equipment are securely contained within the limits of the occupied berths.

26. Vessels must be at all times moored only to the mooring points provided.

27. No vessel owner is permitted to allow their berth to be used by another boat owner without the Shires knowledge and approval. Any visiting vessels to a berth must enter into a contract with the Shire for insurance purposes. Under no circumstances are vessels to be berthed in the marina without the Shire’s knowledge and approval.

28. Only one vessel per berth is permitted.

29. Gates are to be kept closed and locked at all times.

30. The berth holder is responsible for informing the Shire of their current contact and address details.

31. Berth Holders are required to notify the Shire 30 Days prior to relinquishing berths.

32. Annual berths are not transferable with the sale of a vessel. The berth holder is to notify Council immediately upon sale of vessel, and the vessel is to be removed immediately from the berth upon transfer of registration. Failure to do so constitutes a breach of the marina rules and regulations.

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