East Gippsland All Abilities
East Gippsland All Abilities
Accessible playground, tourism, parking and more
East Gippsland All Abilties Playground

The East Gippsland All Abilities Playground is a fully accessible playground that has toilet and car parking amenities.

The ‘From the Mountains to the Sea’ themed playground is designed to signify different parts of East Gippsland, from the timber mills to the shipwreck coast, and the extensive day visitor facilities, including shelters, BBQ’s and picnic tables, make it a perfect place for a family day out.

The playground features a Liberty Swing, which enables people in wheelchairs to experience the simple, yet often taken-for-granted, joy of swinging at a playground, and the entire playground design has a strong emphasis upon creating an experience for people with special needs, but it is open for the enjoyment of all.

A key to the accessible toilet (with electric hoist and a shower) and the Liberty Swing can be borrowed from the Bairnsdale Police Station (47 Main Street, Bairnsdale) or master keys can be purchased using the information below. Purchased keys also open other toilets and facilities across Australia that are fitted with this specially designed lock.

The East Gippsland All Abilities Playground is located at:

Davison Oval
Park Street Bairnsdale.
(between Princes Highway and McLeod Street)
Entry to the playground car park is via Macleod Street.

Google Map

There are currently no plans to display.
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Master key access - MLAK keys



People with a disability are able to purchase an MLAK master key which will open all toilets, playgrounds and other facilities which are fitted with this specially designed lock. MLAK keys are available for purchase from Master Locksmiths around Australia. Two Master Locksmiths are located in the Bairnsdale area.

Who's Eligible?

Eligibility is restricted to people who have a disability or have written authority from:

  • a doctor
  • a disability organisation
  • community health centre
  • the owner/manager of a facility with an accessible toilet
Don’t have a MLAK key?

For ‘one off’ use a MLAK key can be borrowed from the Bairnsdale Police Station located 100 metres to the west.

Please ensure that the item is relocked and the key is returned after use.

For further information, please contact the Master Locksmiths Association (03) 9645 9995 or Spinal Cord Injuries Australia on (02) 9661 8855 or 1800 819 775 or East Gippsland Shire on (03) 5153 9500.

Accessible Parking

Accessible Parking Bay Brochure

Council has produced a brochure that lists the location of Council’s accessible parking bays. The brochure supports people with a disability to plan their trips in and around East Gippsland and provides information on eligibility, how to apply for a permit, accessible parking bay categories and permit renewal.

Download Accessible Parking Bay Brochure

Link to Accessible Parking information.

Gippsland Accessible Tourism Plan

Accessible tourism is the ongoing endeavour to ensure tourist destinations, products and services are accessible to all people, regardless of their physical limitations, disabilities or age.  Accessible tourism benefits everyone. More people enjoy the opportunity to travel and the tourism industry gets more visitors, longer seasons and new incomes. Society as a whole benefits from new job opportunities, more tax revenue and an accessible environment for local communities and visitors.

The Gippsland Accessible Tourism Plan is a collaborative approach between Destination Gippsland, all six Local Governments in Gippsland, Tourism Victoria and relevant partners. The Plan discusses the challenges and opportunities the Gippsland tourism industry faces in becoming more accessible and recommend future actions.

Good Access is Good Business

Could your business be missing out on customers because you don't provide the access they require?

In Gippsland, 32,500 people have a disability and will decide where to shop, do business or visit tourist destinations based on how easy they are to access and the quality of service.

When you add the number of older residents who may have difficulties with mobility, sight and hearing the number rises considerably.

The Good Access is Good Business guide to help businesses improve access for all customers. It includes simple steps to improve your accessibility and advises business of their legal obligations.

The Tradies and Renovators Guide to Good Access helps all tradespeople, renovators, builders and developers on how building improvements can meet people's varying access needs. The guide includes simple steps to improve access to the built environment to benefit all.

The Good Access is Good Business postcard is a simple way for customers to give direct feedback to businesses relating to accessibility.

Copies of the postcards are available by contacting the Rural Access Project Officer on 5153 9500 or download Good Access is Good Business postcard.

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