Mallacoota Airport
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Mallacoota Aerodrome is about 7km southwest of Mallacoota off Betka Road, on the south-eastern tip of Victoria.

It is 113km south of Merimbula and 521km east of Melbourne.

Mallacoota Airport is a registered ALA and has two Code 2B runways, designated 07/25 and 18/36.

The primary sealed runway 18/36 is 1,028m long and 18m wide and the secondary unsealed runway 07/25 is 881m long and 30m wide.

Runway 18/36 has Low Intensity Runway Lighting (LIRL) with Pilot Activated Lighting (PAL). The main sealed apron area is positioned off the main taxiway adjacent to Runway 25 end and is approximately 81m long and 40m wide.

The manoeuvring pavement has a Pavement Classification Number (PCN) of 5. RWY 07/25can withstand a maximum tyre pressure of 73psi and RWY 18/36 can withstand a maximum tyre pressure of 87psi.

Aircraft operators wishing to operate into Mallacoota Airport with aircraft exceeding the PCN, operators must complete the Mallacoota Airport Pavement Concession Form and contact our Aerodromes Team (Jason Connelly or Douglas Sward, on (03) 5153 9500) with at least 48 hours’ prior notice to arrival in which one of the team will provide details on where to send the forms.

Additional facilities on the airport include a small terminal building, three privately owned hangars, a historic wartime bunker museum, and a Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) airbase.

Mallacoota Airport has adopted the “No Drone Zone” policy with visible signage erected at various locations around the airports perimeter. Drone operators wishing to fly drones in close proximity to the airport are encouraged to download the download the Open Sky App.


The airport currently accommodates:

  • Emergency services such as Air Ambulance Victoria, Victorian Police (VICPOL) Airwing     and Aerial firefighting support
  • Local and visiting recreational flying
  • Charter flights
  • Angel Flight services


For aircraft parking, the Aerodrome Reporting Officers listed in ERSA must be contacted prior to arrival for parking instructions. Aircraft parking areas are available at the airport on the main apron in front of the terminal in which the Aerodrome Reporting Officers can provide instructions for.


Operators wishing to operate into Mallacoota Airport are encouraged to contact the Aerodrome Reporting Officers listed in ERSA prior to arriving to check on aerodrome serviceability.


Contact Us

Contact Collin Morris or Brian Bobbins (pilots please refer to ERSA for contact details). For general enquiries, contact us on (03) 5153 9500 (business hours).




Mallacoota Airport has both JET A1 and AVGAS available. The fuel bowsers are located adjacent the terminal building off the apron.


Refuelling facilities are 24/7 self-service, accepting Aerorefuellers Card or any major credit card at the pay station.

The fuel facility is operated by Aerorefuellers.

Any issues pertaining to the facility, Aerorefuellers should be contacted directly on 0413 003 808.

Pilots should call the Aerodrome Reporting Officers listed in ERSA to check the status of fuel prior to planning trips to Mallacoota Airport where fuel is required.

Mallacoota Airport


Contact Information

Betka Road, Mallacoota, Victoria

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