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Household Bin Services

Household bin collection dates, available services, getting it right on bin night and starting a new service.


East Gippsland has a two-bin or a three-bin collection service available to urban communities.

Your general waste bin is collected weekly, while green waste and recycling are collected every two weeks.

To find your bin collection dates, pick your location:



If you are unsure of your exact location, check our collection area maps for:

Please note: The maps are large so you will need to zoom in using the + symbol in the lower right corner.


New trucks for collection

Council's waste contractor, Tambo Waste, is introducing new trucks into their fleet in an effort towards improving their service to the community.


Tambo Waste is in the process of installing cameras on each of their side loader trucks which are used for household waste collection across the shire.


The cameras use a cloud-based recording system to allow drivers to see if the waste is contaminated while emptying the bin.


The footage can also be used to review missed bins and customer complaints. Keep an eye out for them in the street!



What goes in my bins?

Click on an image below to find out more about this service and what does/does not belong in your bins.

                 Recycling                      Green Waste                    General Waste

 Recycling Bin

Green Waste Bin  

 General Waste Bin













For more information on which items go in each bin, see our A-Z of Where To Next page or contact us to request a copy of our Household Waste, Recycling and Organics Guide (click on the guide below for an online copy)

Household waste, recycling and organics guide



In East Gippsland, we get it right on bin night

Correct bin placement makes collection possible. To avoid bins not being collected, your help is needed to position bins using the following guidelines.

Correct bin placement image. Place bins one metre apart and from other objects, face wheels away from kerb and do not overfill bins  


Collection of bins in courts and dead-end streets can make it difficult for the collection contractor. The less they need to reverse in streets, the safer it is for the driver and residents.


Do not place bins in cul de sacs or on the end of roads

Please also remember to;

  1. Remove bins within 24 hours after collection (Penalties/Fines apply).
  2. Place recyclables and green waste loosely (not in plastic bags).
  3. E-waste is not accepted in any of the kerbside bins.
                               When YOU get it Right, WE get it Right!


Starting a new bin service

Just built a new home and are ready to move in? 

You will need to activate your household waste, green waste and recycling collection service for your property.  This can be done by contacting Council or visiting one of our Service Centres.


Please note: Council undertakes an annual review of new properties in July. If a property is found to be within a defined collection area and approximately 75% or more completed, a service will be allocated without initiation from the property owner.


Replacing a lost/stolen bin

Council repairs or replaces damaged bins for free. To request a replacement/repair you will need to tell us:

  • Your name
  • Your address and contact number
  • What type of bin needs repair/replacement - green waste, general waste or recycling?
  • How bad is the damage? Is the bin unusable?
  • Report the lost/stolen bin to Council 

 Bin replacement can take up to 3 business days and repairs up to 10 business days. Council will remove, reuse or recycle unwanted or damaged parts.


Want to know more?

For a hard copy of the brochures or for more information, contact us.






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