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General Waste Services

If you cannot find another way to reuse or recycle, general household items can be placed in your general waste bin.


In East Gippsland, we throw away over 21,000 tonnes of waste into landfill each year. It’s not good for the environment and wastes precious resources. Below is a photo of a landfill site, where all of your general waste ends up. 



Before you buy an item or throw one away...

think about the 4 R's – Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • Refuse
    Refuse to purchase products that use excessive packaging and materials, particularly single-use plastics like plastic bags and plastic straws. 

  • Reduce
    Reducing what you buy and prevent waste being created in the first place is the most effective way to lessen our impact on the environment.

  • Re-use
    Use items over and over in their current form or for another purpose. Bring your own reusable cup and reusable bags – you can even find reusable produce bags that are much better for carrying fruits and vegetables than flimsy single-use ones!

  • Recycle
    Make use of the recycling services we and other organisations offer to make sure resources do not end up in landfill.


Donate your clothing and household items rather than throwing them out

Remember when donating that goods must be in good condition, clean, intact and worthy of resale. Do not use charity disposal bins to get rid of waste, it is a heavy burden on these local stores, which are largely volunteer run. 


Limit your packaging and food waste

You can reduce your waste significantly by being mindful of the amount of packaging on the foods you buy. For example, one large container of juice instead of six small containers or buying unpackaged fresh fruits and vegetables.


More information 

For more information on which items go in each bin, see our A-Z of Where To Next page or contact Council to request a copy of our Household Waste, Recycling and Organics Guide (or click on the image below for an electronic copy)

Household waste, recycling and organics guide





For more tips and inspiration to simplify your home and reduce your waste, see the waste initiatives list and links on our waste education page.

To find out which day your waste bin is collected, see the Household Bin Services page.


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