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Advertised Planning Permit Applications

We make all copied documents available for consideration and review as part of the planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. The documents will be advertised for a minimum of 14 days. The documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any Copyright or Privacy Laws.


If you are having trouble accessing or viewing the documents, you can also view the documents at one of our customer service centres.


Information about objecting to a planning permit application


Currently Advertised Planning Permit Applications


55/2019/P/A - Application - 1 Admirals Quay Paynesville

Two lot subdivision


86/2019/P Application - 895 Mount Lookout Road Mount Taylor 

Use and development of land for a second dwelling


99/2019/P - Application - 459 Princes Highway Lucknow

Use and development of land for a camping and caravan park, service station, car wash, storage, vegetation removal, display of signage and creation of access to a road in a road zone


112/2019/P - Application - 6 Travers Court Metung

Buildings and works for a dwelling


125/2019/P - Application - 35 Pinnock Street Bairnsdale

Development of six dwelling and reduction of one car parking space to be provided


145/2019/P - Application - 1321 Bullumwaal Road Mount Taylor

Use and development of land for a dwelling and creation of access to RDZ1


149/2019/P - Application - 544-554 Main Street Bairnsdale

Redevelopment of motor vehicle sales facility


199/2019/P - Application - 7 Bossie Court Metung

Development of a dwelling and shed, associated earthworks and vegetation removal


209/2019/P - Application - 256 Hobbs Road Bonang

Development of land for a dwelling


217/2019/P - Application - 220 Reynolds Road Metung

Development of a dwelling, shed and pool and vegetation removal


219/2019/P - Application - 29A Bay Road Eagle Point

Removal of one native tree


250/2019/P - Application - 275 Hardys Road Metung

Dwelling Extension


258/2019/P - Application -  54 Angophora Drive Mallacoota

Two lot subdivision and removal and variation to easements


262/2017/P - Application - 386 Gravelly Point Road Raymond Island

Buildings and works (Dwelling), use and development (tourist accommodation) and removal of vegetation


271/2019/P - Application - 19 Dawsons Cove Drive Newlands Arm

Use and development of land for a dwelling


272/2019/P - Application - 16 Kathleen Drive Bemm River

Use and development of land for a store (domestic shed)


273/2019/P - Application - 115 Boundary Road Orbost

Two Lot Subdivision


276/2019/P - Application - 116 Wallace Street Bairnsdale

Two lot subdivision


278/2019/P - Application - 8 Whiters & 52 Roadknight Street  LAKES ENTRANCE

Extensions to an existing medical centre; use and development of a car park; alteration of access to a road zone, category 1


279/2019/P - Application - 921 Princes Highway  NICHOLSON 

Re-development of a mixed use retail premises & alteration of access to a road in RDZ1


288/2019/P - Application - 25 Aquabella Drive  EAGLE POINT

Development of a dwelling and shed


291/2019/P - Application - 9B Yalca Mews Eagle Point

Development of a dwelling


292/2019/P - Application - 46 Corins Crescent Newlands Arm

Development of a dwelling, carport and shed


293/2019/P - Application - 35 Rowe Street Lakes Entrance

Development of two light poles


294/2019/P - Application - 13 Cunningham Court Swan Reach

Two lot subdivision


297/2019/P - Application - 216 MacLeod Street Bairnsdale

Two lot subdivision


301/2019/P - Application - 17-19 Paynesville Road Paynesville

Use of land for a place of worship and reduction of 5 car parking spaces


302/2019/P - Application - 46 Stirling Road Metung

Dwelling extensions


309/2019/P Application - 15 Cattlemans Track Metung

Development of boat storage sheds


317/2019/P - Application - 101 Kalimna West Road Kalimna West

Development of a farm shed and silo


319/2019/P - Application - 31 Boyd Court Eagle Point

17 lot staged subdivision adjoining a road in RDZ1


320/2019/P - Application - 85 Racecourse Road Bairnsdale

Development of a dwelling


321/2019/P - Application - 30-33 Cranswick Road Banksia Peninsula

Development of camp staff accommodation and development of a shed


325/2019/P - Application - 71 MacLure Drive Wy Yung

Development of a farm shed


328/2019/P - Application - 10 Alexandra Avenue Kalimna

Development of a shed


330/2019/P Application - Mt Wills Track Omeo

Extension to Telecommunications tower and associated works


332/2019/P - Application - 107 Princes Highway Lucknow

Two lot subdivision with common property adjoining RDZ1 and creation access to a road in RDZ1


335/2019/P - Application - 1359 Great Alpine Road Sarsfield

Use and development of the land for a dwelling and outbuilding, and creation of access to a road zone, category 1


339/2019/P - Application - 41-43 Pinnock Street Bairnsdale

Three lot subdivision and removal of easement


341/2019/P - Application - 22 Hudson Crescent Lucknow

Development of five dwellings


343/2019/P - Application - 475 Centre Road Raymond Island

Development of a shed and vegetation removal


344/2019/P - Application - Princes Highway at Wairewa Road, Jonsons Road, and Partellis Crossing Road, Tostaree

Removal of vegetation and road works


349/2019/P - Application - 112 Stephenson Road Nicholson

Use and Development of land for a Dwelling and shed



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