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Management Structure


 Anthony Basford web.jpg


Anthony Basford

Chief Executive Officer

  • Executive Services
  • Executive Projects 

 Peter Cannizzaro web.jpg   

Peter Cannizzaro

General Manager Business Excellence

  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Information Services
  • People, Performance and Culture
  • Customer Service and Communications 


 Stuart McConnell web.jpg   


Stuart McConnell

General Manager Bushfire Recovery

  • Impact assessment, support clean up and rebuilding of private assets
  • Public asset recovery
  • Lead secondary assessment
  • Rebuild of private assets
  • Support clean up


 Fiona Weigall web.jpg  


Fiona Weigall

General Manager Assets and Environment

  • Sustainability and Waste Minimisation
  • Works
  • Community Facilities and Open Space
  • Assets and Capital Projects


 Jodie Pitkin web.jpg  


Jodie Pitkin

General Manager Place and Community

  • Community Engagement 
  • Economic Development and Tourism
  • Council Enterprises
  • Planning
  • Regulatory and Compliance Services

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