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Rates and Valuations

All councils in Australia charge rates 

Rates are levied on properties, to provide council with operating costs for a broad range of services, programs, facilities and infrastructure.


This includes parks and playgrounds, environmental management, roads, footpaths, fire prevention, libraries, halls, public buildings, street cleaning, animal management, local laws, bridges, street lighting, parking and immunisation.


A detailed list of council’s operating costs is presented in the Annual Budget. Printed copies are also available for viewing at Customer Service Centres.


Victorian Government’s Fair Go Rate Cap system – How does rate capping work?


The rate cap applies to council’s total rate and municipal charge revenue, not individual rate assessments.

If your rates increase by more than the advertised rate increase this is likely due to:


• the value of your property has gone up or down more or less than the average change in valuations for properties of the same type.

• other charges and levies not subject to the cap, such as waste charges may have increased more than the average rates increase. The capped increase only applies to general rates and the municipal charge.

• the amount of rates levied from properties of that type (residential, commercial/industrial or farm) has changed through the council’s application of differential rates.


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