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Do I need a Planning Permit?

Check if you need a planning permit

What is a planning permit?

A Planning Permit is permission to develop or use land for a particular purpose.  The East Gippsland Planning Scheme sets out the many types of use and development of land that require a planning permit.


You may need to obtain other approvals in addition to planning permit approvals – such as a Building approval.  A planning permit is not a building permit.  See Do I Need A Building Permit? for more information.


Some instances when a planning permit is required

Some of the most common reasons a planning permit is required are:

  • Starting a business
  • Constructing, altering, or extending a building
  • Subdivision of land
  • Clearing native vegetation from land
  • Displaying a sign
  • Changing the use of a property
  • Applying for a liquor licence

A planning permit only applies to the land for which it has been granted. Permits are usually subject to conditions, including the approval of plans by Council.


It is an offence to carry out any use, or to develop land, if that use or development requires a planning permit and a planning permit has not been obtained.


Need to know more…

Section 2 of Planning: A Short Guide provides information on planning permits.

East Gippsland Planning Scheme



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