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Hutchison Road Naming Proposal

Council has received a submission to rename Hutchinson Road in the locality of Bonang “Hutchison Road” as shown below:

 Hutchison Road Aerial.PNG


The extended community is invited to provide feedback on this proposal.



Council received a request regarding the spelling of the road name of Hutchinson Road in Bonang.


The proposal is to change the spelling of this road name to reflect the same spelling as the family name of ‘Hutchison’.  This name (spelling) has a direct link to this road as the family farm was at the end of this road.


The Hutchison family has provided council with documentation supporting this proposal and further investigation has not located any evidence of a direct link to the name Hutchinson in the area.



This proposal complies with the Naming rules for places in Victoria – Statutory requirements for naming roads, features and localities – 2016.


Community members are invited to respond to this proposal, before its formal consideration to the Office of Geographic Names.


All comments must be in writing and can be submitted as shown below:

  • Post to PO Box 1618, Bairnsdale 3875; or
  • Email us

Contact the Rates and Valuations Team on (03) 5153 9500 for further information on this proposal


Submissions close 5pm, Friday 10 July 2020











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