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Why Sort My Load?

Sorting your load at home saves you time, effort and money at the transfer station or landfill. By loading your trailer or ute correctly, you will make the most out of the recycling facilities before you head to the rubbish disposal area. 


The Right Way to Load

Trying to sort your load at the transfer station/landfill can be time consuming, and you may be tempted to throw everything to waste instead of recycling, which is a waste of resources and a higher cost to you. It's best to sort your waste while loading up.

Tips for how to load your waste:

  • Keep the same materials together in piles on your trailer or ute. 
  • Create neat piles of green waste, timber and bricks on the sides and scrap metal on the top.  
  • Keep any left over rubbish at the rear of your load so that you can move from bay to bay recycling what you can before dropping off your rubbish last.
  • Secure your load with a net, tie down straps or ropes before you head off to the transfer station.

Secure Your Load

Driving to the site with your load unsecured is a serious problem and is an offence against the Road Safety Act 1986. You can be fined for littering if items from your load are blown onto the road or roadside area. Fines for littering from unsecured loads can range from $170 to $500. Large unsecured items could also cause a serious accident if they fall onto the road.

Next time you are preparing to head out to your local resource recovery centre, make sure you “Get It Sorted.” For further information about your local transfer station contact Council or your local facility.


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