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Transfer Trailers

Council manages 13 Transfer Trailers throughout the region. Transfer trailers are available for residents who live in remote areas as a drop off point for their household waste. Only domestic waste is accepted in these trailers. No hazardous or liquid waste may be disposed of in transfer trailers.


These trailers are serviced regularly which involves a contractor towing the full trailer to the nearest transfer station or landfill and disposing of the waste contained inside. The trailer is then towed back to its designated located to be available again for local residents to use.


If you would like to find out more about this service provided specifically for remote residents, please contact Council.


Transfer trailer locations: 

  • Anglers Rest
  • Brodribb River
  • Buldah
  • Club Terrace            
  • Combienbar            
  • Deddick
  • Dellicknora
  • Ensay
  • Gipsy Point
  • Glen Wills
  • Goongerah
  • Tamboon
  • Tubbut  

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