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Waste Education and Resources

East Gippsland Shire Council is committed to actively encouraging, promoting and supporting best practice waste management in our communities.

National Recycling Week 2020 - November 9-15

This year, we will be bringing you a series of short videos that explain what goes in your household recycling bin, transfer station or transfer trailer. We will also take you through a virtual tour of the Materials Recovery Facility and chat about soft plastics - the most common item ending up in the recycling that shouldn't be there.


Sunday 15 November - Find out what happens after your recycling is collected

Saturday 14 November - Glass


Friday 13 November - Glass


Thursday 12 November - Steel


Wednesday 11 November - Aluminium



Tuesday 10 November - Making hard plastics easier to understand


Monday 9 November - Today we are learning about paper and cardboard


School and Early Years Education

Through Sustainability Victoria's ResourceSmart Schools program, schools have the opportunity to complete one core module and four elective modules that embeds sustainability across the school facilities, community and curriculum, while saving resources and money for the school. The waste module helps schools minimise waste sent to landfill, recover resources and embed long-term waste management practices into the school and community.


East Gippsland Shire Council's ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator can assist schools in their ResourceSmart journey and provide resources to complete the waste module. Contact the ResourceSmart Schools Facilitator for more information.



Local East Gippsland School conducting a waste audit. The class emptied a bag of their rubbish and separated it into recoverable resource piles, with only one fifth destined for landfill.


Waste in the workplace

Reducing waste in the workplace is not only beneficial for the environment, it can also significantly reduce your overall costs. The war on waste toolkit has been designed by Planet Ark to take businesses step-by-step through the waste journey. You can audit your current waste generation, review process and make the necessary changes to save money and waste to landfill. 

War on waste toolkit image  

Commercial businesses:

Council does not provide waste services for businesses, this should be done through your preferred waste contractor. It is recommended to engage in a waste and recycling service and paper and cardboard separation if needed.


Did you know that a 240 litre recycling service costs about half of a 240 litre waste service? You could sort and save!


Waste-wise Initiatives

Click on the bold words to find out more about these great waste initiatives and how you can become more involved. 


boomerang_bags.png Boomerang Bags is a global movement, connecting and empowering local communities to tackle plastic pollution. Volunteers are donated second-hand material and create reusable shopping bags.



Buy Nothing New Month is an Australian-born initiative that asks everyone to buy nothing new during the month of October. By doing this, you are reducing your consumption, reusing second-hand items and being a role model to the community.


Keep_Australia_Beautiful_Week_2020.jpg Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held on 17-23 August 2020 and aims to raise awareness about the simple things we can do in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage action.



National Recycling Week - Monday 9 - Sunday 15, November 2020. Starting in 1996, National Recycling Week aims to expand our knowledge on recycling in Australia.



Plastic Free July invites anyone to pledge to refuse single-use plastic for the month of July. When you choose to make a difference for one month, you can create lifestyle changes to reduce single-use plastics.



 Responsible Cafés is an initiative that promotes and supports waste-conscious cafés. Any café that offer discounts to customers who bring their own cup can register for free.





Responsible Runners engages active community groups to collect litter while they are exercising outdoors. Find or register a group and help collect data for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.



Share Waste connects people within the community who would like to divert food waste to landfill and those that have the facilities to compost, worm-farm or keep chickens.  


take3forthesea.png Take 3 for the Sea asks everyone to commit to taking three pieces of litter with them when they are near a waterway, lake or beach to create a healthier marine environment.


 Women Against Waste - Founded in Bairnsdale and reaching out across Australia, Women Against Waste makes it easy for everyday households, businesses and community groups to reduce their waste through practical information and events where communities can swap, donate, recycle, mend and learn together. 



Smart Takeaway Coffee Project

The Smart Takeaway Coffee Project was a behaviour change project aimed at reducing the number of disposable hot beverage cups used by participating businesses in Orbost and Paynesville by promoting reusable cups. The project was fully funded by Sustainability Victoria's Litter Innovation Fund.

Smart Takeaway Coffee Project Case Study



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