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Organic Waste Services

Kerbside Organics Service

Thank you to those who have understood and respected our decision to temporarily stop accepting green waste across our waste transfer stations and landfills.


We understand that Autumn is a busy time in the garden and encourage you to keep gardening but safely stockpile your green waste until we are able to receive it again. If you live in a built up area and don’t have a green waste bin you may be eligible for one. To find out if you are in a green-waste (organics) waste collection area firstly check our website page and then contact Council if you think you may be eligible.


 If you live outside a township and on a property of over an acre you may also be permitted to burn-off green waste. You would need to register this with the CFA on the burn off notification line 1800 668 511.


Please ensure that you’re only burning organics, not any other form of waste and be mindful of the smoke and the direction that the smoke is going. ( you don’t want to upset your neighbours). The best option however is to stockpile until Council re-opens this service.


Please note that gardening contractors are still able to deposit green waste at our facilities, providing another option for those who still want to get stuck into the gardening.



The kerbside collection of green waste is provided to residential properties in most major townships within the shire. Dark green-lidded household green waste bins with a capacity of 240L are supplied to all households within the defined green waste service area.


Bins are collected fortnightly and residents are asked to place their bin out on the kerb the night before collection is scheduled (e.g. Thursday collection means putting your bin out Wednesday night to ensure a prompt and efficient service for residents).


Please do not overfill your bin or place excess green waste next to or around your bin. Excess green waste that will not fit into your bin needs to be disposed of at your nearest landfill/transfer station. It is now free to dispose of your green waste under 0.3m in diameter


Check which day your kerbside green waste is collected.


For more information, check our Household Waste, Recycling and Organics Guide.


The image below shows you what can be placed in your Green Waste bin and items that are not accepted.


























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