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Kerbside Waste Services

Green waste temporarily not accepted at waste sites  

For more information, please see the Organic Waste Services page. 


Kerbside Bins – Getting it Right?

Council provides around 20,000 kerbside collection service across East Gippsland. It is one of our core services to the community and in the shire’s best interest to provide a good and safe kerbside collection service.

It is equally important for residents to get it right when it comes to kerbside collection.


This will not only ensure timely and effective collection but also help reduce litter and mitigate risk to the environment and health.


Getting it Right on Bin Night:

  1. Put bins out the night before collection.
  2. Face the wheels away from the kerb.
  3. Do not overfill the bins
  4. Do not leave extra bags/rubbish next to the bins. 
  5. Maintain at least 1m distance between bins and other objects e.g. streetlights, trees etc. 
  6. Adhere to bin placement guidelines where applicable e.g. courts, cul-de-sac etc. 
  7. Remove bins within 24 hours after collection (Penalties/Fines apply).
  8. Please place recyclables and green waste loosely (not in plastic bags).
  9. E-waste is not accepted in any of the kerbside bins.
                               When YOU get it Right, We get it Right!





Waste Bins are collected weekly and residents are asked to place their bin out the night before collection.

Do not overfill your bin or place excess waste next to or around your bin. Excess waste that will not fit into your bin needs to be disposed of at your nearest landfill or transfer station.  Fees will apply at most of these facilities.

Check your kerbside waste collection day 


Start a new bin service

Just built a new home and are ready to move in? You will need to activate your kerbside waste and recycling collection service for your property.  This can be done by contacting Council or visiting one of our Service Centres.

First you will need to find out if your property is located within a kerbside collection area and if it is; ask for your service to be activated. 

A pro-rata charge will apply and that amount will be determined by the remaining balance of the year from 1 July.

Please note: Council undertakes an annual review of new properties in July. If a property is found to be within a defined collection area and approximately 75% or more completed, a service will be allocated without initiation from the property owner.


Bin placement

Two bins on a grassy naturestrip

Please ensure you place your bins on the kerb one metre apart and with enough space for the truck's mechanical arm to easily lift your bin.





Have a question about your kerbside waste collection service? Check our FAQs and Quick Links page or our Household Waste, Recycling and Organics Guide.



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