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Food Waste

Please remember that kitchen scraps and food waste are not accepted in green waste. A great way to keep food waste out of your bins is to use a compost and worm farm.


Why keep food waste out of your bins?

On average, our general waste bins have over 40% of food waste in them.

When food from our general waste bins end up in landfills, they take a long time to break down due to the environmental conditions and create methane.


What to do about your extra food?

Plan meals

Sign up to the free Love a List challenge to learn how top waste less and save more.




Sustainability Victoria have some great recipes with what to make with your leftovers.


Food storage

Find out how to safely store raw and cooked foods to reduce your waste, save time and money.

If you would like to find out how to store a particular food item, see Sustainability Victoria's A-Z Food Storage.



Composting and worm farming

Creating a compost, worm farm or participating in Share Waste can keep your food waste out of landfills.

Starting a compost can be quick and easy, all you need is a container or space in the garden, some green material and some brown material.

If you live in the colder regions of East Gippsland, it may be worthwhile trying hot composting to ensure your compost breaks down efficiently. This process involves a large pile with more brown materials so that the pile generates heat and creates soil that is high in nutrients.




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