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We can live comfortably with a certain amount of noise, but sometimes excessive or intrusive noise can have serious health effects.


Noise pollution can disturb work, relaxation and sleep.


Council’s Environmental Health unit works with the Environment Protection Authority and other authorities, to investigate and resolve noise problems in the shire.


Annoyed by noise - what you can do

There are steps that can be taken to deal with noise before it reaches excessive levels. This includes:

  • Try to resolve the problem by talking with the person responsible for the noise. People may not know their noise is causing a problem.
  • Contact council or the police.  An investigation will be conducted to determine whether the noise is unreasonable and instigate measures to reduce the noise level where appropriate.

If a satisfactory outcome cannot be reached, the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria may be able to help.


The EPA “Annoyed by Noise” publication has more information.


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