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Investigation and control of nuisances, such as noise, smoke and odours.

Council’s Environmental Health unit administers the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 with respect to the investigation and control of nuisances occurring within the Shire. 


Something may be regarded as a nuisance if it is liable to be dangerous to public health or offensive (noxious, annoying or injurious to personal comfort). 



All complaints made to Council regarding nuisances are investigated. Any of the following may result:

  • If the complaint is unjustified or does not fall within the nuisance provisions of the Public Health and Wellbeing Act 2008 no action can be taken.
  • You may be advised to try to settle the matter by discussing it with the person responsible for the nuisance.
  • Your complaint may be forwarded to another authority/department, for example the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).
  • You may be asked to document the alleged nuisance and/or attend court if the matter reaches legal action.
  • The person responsible for the nuisance may be advised to remedy it.
  • A notice and/or legal action may be taken to abate the nuisance. 

                                          Annoyed by noise





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