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Intention to lease or licence property

All Council-owned or managed land intended to be leased or licensed is open for public comment.


Public comments are open 21 days.


The information must not be used for any purpose which may breach any Copyright or Privacy Laws.



Proposed Leases or Licences of Land or Buildings
closing 29 September 2020


198A Bullumwaal Road Wy Yung

Rear 37 Turnbull Street Bairnsdale


Commenting on a proposed lease or licence


If you are affected by or have concerns about a proposed lease or licence you can contact Council to discuss prior to the closing date.


You can also submit a comment, which may include suggestions for changes that would resolve your concerns.


Anyone can lodge a comment to a proposed lease or licence.



What happens next?


If you have a verbal comment it will be resolved by phone.

If you lodge a written comment you will be sent a letter confirming your comment has been received and the outcome.


You may be invited to provide further information regarding your comment.




Leasing and Licencing of Council-owned Land or Council-managed Land



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