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Park Rules

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 Park Rules




To ensure the enjoyment of all visitors and campers, we ask that you follow the following rules.

More information can be read in our or contact us on (03) 5156 1183.     




Please be considerate of your neighbours. 

All excessive noise must cease from 10 pm.

Offensive behaviour and language will not be tolerated.



As the site holder you are responsible for your visitor’s behaviour and language.

Do not let them be responsible for you being asked to vacate the park.



Rubbish bins are placed around the park for yours and the environments’ benefit.

Please be conscious of your impact on the environment by separating refuse from recycling.

Recycling bins are also located throughout the park.





It is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure the behaviour of your pet is safe.

Dogs must be on a lead at ALL times while on park grounds.
Dog mess is to be cleaned and barking kept to a minimum.

Please do not leave dogs unattended.
The Ranger frequents the Park and will seize unattended or dangerous dogs.


Setting up your site 

Due to CFA and safety regulations please set up on the left hand side of your site and ensure your draw bar is not blocked.

There must be a car space between you and your neighbour.

If unsure please talk to one of our staff members.

Tow bars MUST face to the roadway your site is located on.


Electrical Safety

Are your leads safe?

All leads that are plugged into the park power heads must be 15amp and must be tested and tagged for electrical safety, otherwise they cannot be used.


Camp Fires 

There are to be NO fires to be lit during periods of total fire bans. The CFA perform routine inspections during these times and will issue infringements.

All fires outside of fire restrictions must be lit in a constructed fire pot/drum with legs holding it at least 30cm above the ground.

You will need to supply your own wood and drum.

Park staff have the right to extinguish fires if they are not safe or left unattended.

Please ensure you take notice of current CFA rules and regulations and adhere to those rules.

Ensure children are watched at all times near fires.


Road Safety

Bikes, scooters and other recreational equipment are not to be ridden around the park after dark or on Kiosk decking.

Helmets must be worn while riding bikes and scooters in the park.

Please ensure your children adhere to these rule at all times.

This is a law enforced by the Victoria Police and could carry a fine in excess of $146.00.

Park staff have the authority to confiscate equipment if rules are continually being ignored.


General Safety

As a site holder it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of children and others on your site and those around you.

Please ensure children are supervised at all times, this includes while they are in the pool, recreational room and in the amenities.




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