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Orbost Aerodrome Pilot Information


117 Marlo Aerodrome Road
Marlo Victoria 3888

24hr service - Aerodrome Reporting Officer: Drew Squires 1300 347 247


Aerodrome Infrastructure

Orbost Airport has a single non-instrument Code 1B Runway designated 07/25 which is 1,140m long and 18m wide and sealed.

The runway physical characteristics are as follows: 07/25  070 37A  5700/450(65 PSI)  WID 18 RWS 90

The runway is fitted with low intensity runway edge lighting and the main taxiway has edge lighting which are both pilot activated along with the Illuminated Wind Indicator.


Direct access is provided to the main sealed apron and hangar areas from the runway via a Code B taxiway. The main apron area is approximately 60m long by 35m wide. The Airport has a modern 100m2 terminal building and 3 private hangars. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) has aerial fire fighting facilities with an apron and taxiway leading directly onto the runway. There is a significant amount of space for hangar development with direct access to the runway.


Additional facilities at the terminal building includes toilets and showering facilities and a kitchen. The terminal building is enclosed with a fence and gate entering airside. Orbost Airport is fitted with 24-hour CCTV covering the driveway access entrance, inside the terminal, coverage of the runways and apron areas.



Airspace overlying Orbost Airport is Class G. The Airport is not located near restricted airspace and is accessible from all directions.

Although there is currently no ground based navigation aids in the vicinity of the Airport, there are global navigation satellite system (RNAV GNSS) approach procedures.


Aircraft Movements

There are approximately 500 annual aircraft movements a year resulting in no air traffic congestion and a large amount of available capacity.

However, the Airport is heavily used in the summer for fire fighting activities.


Landing Fees

Orbost Aerodrome has no landing fees to encourage business attraction to the region. 



The strategic site location offers uninterrupted flying days with no loss due to heat or fog. The area is known for its good flying weather, visibility and low surrounding terrain.



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