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Mallacoota Aerodrome Pilot Information

Betka Road
Mallacoota Victoria 3892

24hr service - Aerodrome Reporting Officer: Col Morris 1300 347 247


Aerodrome Infrastructure

The aerodrome has airfield lighting, a sealed main Runway, Taxiway and Apron and a new Terminal Building. 


Mallacoota Aerodrome has two Code 2B non-precision Runways designated 07/25 and 18/36. The main Runway 18/36 is 1,028m long and 30m wide with an 18m sealed width. The cross Runway 07/25 is 881m long and 30m wide and consists of a gravel surface.


Runway 18/36 has low intensity runway edge lighting which is pilot activated. The main sealed Apron area is positioned on the main Code C taxiway adjacent to the Runway 13 end and is approximately 81m long and 40m wide.


There are currently Very High Frequency Omni-directional radio range (VOR) with distance measuring equipment (DME) facilities at the aerodrome that provide an all-weather capability, along with the wind indicator. Area navigation global navigation satellite system (RNAV) (GNSS) approach procedures are available for both Runway 18 and Runway 36.


Additional facilities on the Aerodrome include a new 100m2 terminal building, 3 privately owned hangars, a historic wartime bunker museum, and a Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) aerial fire fighting facility.



The aerodrome operates within uncontrolled Class G airspace and has a number of Published IFR routes based on these aids connect Mallacoota with Devonport, Flinders Island, St Helens, East Sale, Melbourne, Cooma, Merimbula and other airports in south-eastern Australia. 


Aircraft Movements

There are approximately 4,500 annual aircraft movements a year resulting in no air traffic congestion and a large amount of available capacity.



The refueling facility at Mallacoota Aerodrome provides both Avgas and Jet A1 fuel with credit card payment options. 


Landing Fees

The Mallacoota Aerodrome has no landing fees to encourage business attraction to the region.



The strategic site location of the Mallacoota Aerodrome offers uninterrupted flying days with no loss due to heat or fog. The area is known for its good flying weather, visibility and low surrounding terrain.


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