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Bairnsdale Aerodrome Pilot Information

345 Bengworden Road
Bairnsdale Victoria 3875

Aerodromes Coordinator / Reporting Officer: Jason Connelly 03 5153 9500 or ERSA


Bairnsdale Airport was recently awarded the "National Small Regional Aerodrome of the Year 2018" by the Australian Airports Association (AAA)


Aerodrome Infrastructure

The Airport has two Code 2B non-precision runways designated 04/22 and 13/31.

Runway 04/22 is 1,101m long and 18m wide and sealed.

Runway 13/31 is 850m long and 18m wide and sealed.


Access is provided to both runways via Code A and Code B taxiways serving the main sealed apron and general aviation areas respectively. The main apron area is located on the main taxiway adjacent to the Runway 13 end and is approximately 60m long and 45m wide.


The aerodrome pavement has a Pavement Classification Number (PCN) of 11, and can withstand a maximum tire pressure of 81 psi. This level of pavement strength can accommodate unrestricted use by Dash 8-300 type aeroplanes. If your aircraft exceeds the PCN, contact must be made to the Reporting Officer to apply for a Pavement Concession.


The Airport is equipped with Pilot Activated Low Intensity Runway Lighting (PAL LIRL), apron and taxiway edge lighting, Automatic Weather Station (AWS) with published approach procedures for DME and GPS, along with a primary Illuminated Wind Direction Indicator and secondary windsock.


Additional facilities include a 250m2 terminal building, 4 World War II era hangars and private hangars with direct taxiway access. The Terminal building on the airside is enclosed with a fence and two sided pin code gate. Procedures for opening the gate are displayed on a sign at the gate. The terminal building is also fitted with 24 hour CCTV and has a Vending Machine available with cool drinks and snacks. Coffee and Tea is also available.



Although only 24 nautical miles from the East Sale RAAF Base, Bairnsdale Airport operates within Class G uncontrolled airspace. Bairnsdale Airport is also within flying time of 5 airports ideal for navigational exercises at RAAF East Sale, West Sale, Latrobe Valley, Orbost, and Mallacoota.


Aircraft Movements

There are approximately 3,000+ aircraft movements a year resulting with no air traffic congestion and a large amount of available capacity. Air Ambulance Victoria is a major customer of the Bairnsdale Airport with numerous unscheduled arrivals.


Aircraft Parking

There are two aprons at Bairnsdale Airport that facilitate parking. The first is the primary apron located in front of the Airport terminal. Pilots are encouraged to start parking at the NE corner edge of the apron allowing the apron to be free for other users and Air Ambulance patient transfers. This apron should be used for short term parking only. The secondary apron is located on the first exit to the west off the NS taxiway exiting the EW taxiway. This apron should be used for parking exceeding 24 hours. This Apron has one set of in-ground tie down points available. Please note that operators must supply there own rope or chains.


If users are wanting to park aircraft for more than 24 hours, the Airport Reporting Officer should be contacted to arrange for overnight parking payment. The current overnight parking fees outside of a hangar is $7.20 per night. Bairnsdale Airport currently has no free Hangar spaces available.



The refuelling facilities provide both Avgas and Jet A1 fuel with credit card payment options and is monitored by 24 hour CCTV. The fuel facility is operated by Aero Refuellers, any issues pertaining to the facility, Aero Refuellers should be contacted directly on 0413 003 808.


Landing Fees

Bairnsdale Airport has no landing fees.



The strategic site location of Bairnsdale Airport offers uninterrupted flying days with no loss due to heat or fog. The area is known for its good flying weather, visibility and low surrounding terrain.


Other Information

Bairnsdale Airport is a Registered Airport conforming to standards published by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). Bairnsdale Airport has visible signs erected at numerous locations on the Airport displaying "No Drone Zone". Drone operators are encouraged to download the free CASA Drone App: Can I fly There?





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