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Information about Mallacoota, Orbost and Bairnsdale aerodromes.


Bairnsdale Aerodrome

345 Bengworden Road

Bairnsdale Victoria


Aerodromes Coordinator and Reporting Officer

Jason Connelly 03 5153 9500


Bairnsdale Aerodrome is 10km to the southwest of Bairnsdale just off the Princes Highway, 300km east of Melbourne.


Bairnsdale Aerodrome pilot information


Bairnsdale aerodrome aerial photo 


Bairnsdale Aerodrome can accommodate:

  • aerial firefighting
  • corporate charter
  • aircraft support services such as fleet maintenance
  • air ambulance
  • courier service


Mallacoota Aerodrome

Betka Road

Mallacoota Victoria


Aerodrome Reporting Officer

Col Morris 1300 347 247 (all hours)


Mallacoota Aerodrome is about 7km southwest of Mallacoota, on the southeastern tip of Victoria. It is 263km south-east of Canberra and 519km east of Melbourne.


Mallacoota Aerodrome pilot information


Mallacoota aerodrome aerial photo 


Mallacoota Aerodrome can accommodate:

  • aerial firefighting
  • corporate charter
  • air ambulance
  • air freight

Mallacoota is a popular tourist destination with lakes, rivers, forests, beaches and National Park.


Mallacoota is remote and close to the ocean.


This makes it a great place for training aircraft and as a base for aircraft servicing offshore facilities or search and rescue operations.



Orbost Aerodrome

117 Marlo Aerodrome Road

Marlo Victoria


Aerodrome Reporting Officer

Drew Squires 1300 347 247 (all hours)


Orbost Aerodrome pilot information


Orbost is about 90km east of Bairnsdale and 375km east of Melbourne. The aerodrome is near Marlo, about 20km south of Orbost.


Orbost aerodrome aerial photo 


Orbost Aerodrome can accommodate:

  • aerial firefighting
  • corporate charter
  • air ambulance

Airside access is restricted to authorised personnel only.


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