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The Central Business District (CBD)



The designs are founded on the following 5 principles:

  • Improved walking connections between all parts of the centre and making them feel safe
  • Creating a walkable grand boulevard of generous trees and new garden beds in the Main Street gardens
  • Greening Bairnsdale’s streets
  • Opening new pedestrian linkages through the laneway networks behind the shops
  • Developing new gathering spaces and facilities in the mall, the Main Street gardens and along the River.

The Bairnsdale CBD Improvement plans are designed to create more enjoyable public places to spend time, walk around and meet your friends.


Its purpose is to take back some of the 90% of land devoted to cars, buildings and parking and give Bairnsdale some new and revitalised public space.


The plans have been derived from a detailed analysis phase that has involved a lot of time observing activity in the town centre, researching previous studies and literature, and importantly, having detailed discussions with stakeholders.


View the Bairnsdale CBD Concept Plans (PDF 2MB)


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