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What is Virtual Visiting?

Virtual Visiting enables residents at aged care facilities to visit with their families and friends with the use of the internet and video conferencing technology.

Virtual Visiting can open the lines of communication and overcomes difficulties experienced by some in visiting an aged care facility. It is particularly useful for family members and friends living overseas.


Video conferencing is an extremely beneficial method of communication for aged care residents as it enables the use of non-verbal communication and the opportunity to see their visitors. Regular social contact with friends and family is important to enhance residents’ quality of life and overcome


The Benefits of Virtual Visiting include:


Increased Social Contact for the Resident

This reduces the likelihood of depression by reconnecting with family and friends. It also offers an opportunity to connect to younger family members.


Volunteer Participation

Volunteers who may assist with virtual visiting in aged care facilities provide an important link to the community for residents. Volunteers and staff are an important part of the virtual visiting program, they assist and provide support to the resident and family

during the visit.

Residential Aged Care

Residential Aged Care Staff play a pivotal role in the Virtual Visiting Program by facilitating visits between the resident and their family and friends.


Continued Family Particpation

Due to distances and with our busy lives, visits to a facility are not always an option. With the ability for residents to visit from the comfort of their own home, visits can be held more frequently.







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