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Asbestos removal should be undertaken by licensed asbestos removal professionals.  This will ensure proper handling and removal.


Where the removal works will be undertaken by the land owners, please refer to the documents below and contact Worksafe Victoria on 1800 136 089 to seek further information.

Since 1991 asbestos has been totally banned throughout Australia. Asbestos was largely used throughout the world in many building products for its workability, thermal/sound insulation and fire resistance. Asbestos was also used in other products such pre-1960 gas masks and different car products.


Asbestos is a health hazard when the building products are broken, degraded or snapped and the disturbed fine dust inhaled. This dust can lead to severe health problems such as lung cancer.

Asbestos can be disposed of at Bairnsdale Landfill, for $278 per tonne. Deliveries require 24 hours notice, you will need to phone the Landfill on 03 5152 6535 to make an appointment.

Asbestos waste taken to Bairnsdale Landfill:

  • Must be wrapped in two layers of polythene sheeting, approximately 0.2mm think (for example heavy duty builders plastic). 
  • Must be completely sealed inside the packages with adhesive tape. Packages need to be kept to a manageable size so they can be easily moved. 

Landfill staff are not able to assist you with unloading, if you have trouble lifting you may want to bring someone to help you unload. 

If asbestos waste is incorrectly wrapped or in unmanageable parcels it will not be accepted.




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