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Library Membership

Membership is free and you don’t have to be a Shire resident. There’s no age limit, so kids can join too. 

How to join

Individual membership

To apply for library membership you will need to complete a Library Registration Form


You will receive a library card which you need to sign before it can be used at our library branches.  Your signature acknowledges that you have read and understood the library's "Terms of Borrowing and Membership" and agree to be bound by them.


Community Based Organisation Membership

A different type of membership is offered for community based organisations such as pre-schools, childcare centres, nursing homes etc.

Library Membership for Community Based Organisations - PDF  

Book Club Membership

Book club sets are designed for those who would like the opportunity to share their enjoyment of reading in a group of like minded people.  Book clubs can borrow sets of selected titles and then join in discussion about the title.  One single membership card is created for each book club. 

  • Each book club nominates a convenor who takes responsibility for distributing and collecting material from the members of their group and ensuring that they are returned to the library by the due date.
  • The convenor is provided with a list available titles.
  • Groups can have up to two titles on reserve at any one time.
  • There are eight copies of each title in the Book Club Collection.  For larger groups, additional copies may be available from the general collection.
  • To allow time for distribution and collection, book club sets have a loan period of eight weeks.
  • Book club sets can be borrowed from, and returned to any of our library service centres, outreach centres or library depots.
  • There is no charge to borrow from the book club collection.
  • New titles are added to the book club collection on a monthly basis, but the library will gladly accept donations to expand the collection.  Groups wanting to make a donation should consult with us in advance to ensure there is no duplication.
  • The library will keep a list of clubs seeking additional members.  These details will be given to individuals wishing to join a club.

The library always welcomes suggestions of new titles for the book club collection.


The convener will need to complete a Membership Form for Library Book Clubs.


Library fees and charges from 1 July 2019 (includes GST)




 First overdue reminder  Notice  $1.40

 Final overdue reminder

 Notice  $2.50
 Interlibrary loan (ILL)  Each  $3.60
 ILL overdue 0-4 weeks  Each  $10.00
 ILL overdue 4-6 weeks  Each  $20.00
 ILL plastic loan strap replacement
 Each  $4.00
 Photocopying and printing A4  Page
 Photocopying and printing A3
 Page  $0.50
 Colour photocopying and printing A4  Page  $1.30
 Colour photocopying and printing A3
 Page  $2.10
 Laminating pouch  Each  $0.70

 Replace library card

 Each  $3.40
 Replace date due slip
 Each  $1.40
 Replace barcode
 Each  $3.50
 Replace CD/DVD case
 Each  $4.00
 Repair torn or loose pages
 Each  $4.20
 Replace a page
 Each  $6.50
 Book trimming
 Each  $6.50
 Repairs - general
 Each  up to $25.00
 Replace cover
 Each  up to $30.00
 Replace talking book case
 Each  up to $40.00
 Replace talking book CD
 Each  up to $40.00
 Replace Playaway Battery Cover  Each  $2.00
 Replace Playaway Lanyard  Each  $1.00
 Disc Cleaning  Each  $5.00
 Library Bag  Each  $5.00
 Processing charge lost/damaged items
 Each  $6.50



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